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Secure tags, 10 reasons why

1. For Brand Authentication

A product sold with a genuine logo on the tag will remove doubt that the product is genuine.

2. For Brand Loyalty

The more consistent the brand and the more times that the consumer sees it, the more likely they are to recognise it again.

3. For building a brand that delivers Support & Aftercare

Products have the stamp of geniune care as customers purchase a garment or product with the tag still securely in place.

4. For Security

The tag stays in place until it reaches the consumer, if not returns are null & void.

5. For Colour

Build your branded tag in your own Pantone Tag.

6. For Value-adding

The perception is that if you’ve tagged a product it’s worth more.

7. For a Voice

Using your brand voice, “Hi fans” or “Hello friends”, there’s space here to add some text that will build up the message you send to a growing client base.

8. For Quality

If your warehouse and processes have been quality assessed, this is a way of spreading the word, and increasing the return on efforts that have gone into gaining the Quality standard.

9. For Street appeal

This has to do with the colour of the tag, to help your product stick out.

10. For a Competitive edge

If your competition do not have a Secure tag, here’s your ultimate leg-up!  Grab the idea quick and give your brand the edgy extra.


And if you can think of an 11th reason, or want a quote, feel free to contact us!

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Christmas comes even earlier this year, as we introduce the box of 12 Mince pies, branded


Our popular Mince Pies are back, and this time there’s the option to order in boxes of 12, for those brands targeting a smaller section of clients.

Branded as before, with your company details, these branded boxes of Mince Pies are the Ultimate Office Sharer, and a sure recipe for getting your name talked about by happy and satisfied clients.

Put a mark in the sand, or snow(!), and secure yours now for Christmas 2018.


Ordering now, will mean:

✔ You receive reminders later in the year re. artwork, delivery and payment

✔ Your gift list for Christmas 2018 is sorted

✔ Happy customers – the best form of gaining repeat business



All you have to do is email our Sales team to ensure you don’t miss out on your very own branded mince pie boxes, “the Ultimate Office Sharer” for your clients this Christmas business@boxcouk.com




Does your brand feel good?

We believe that a quality double-faced Satin Printed Ribbon offers a fascinating finish for your brand gift packaging – whether it’s for your Exhibition giveaways, or that critical touch to get past post-opening gatekeepers.  If the bow looks good, even the nosiest won’t peek any further.  Some of images of past projects are here for your perusal.


Want to talk Ribbon, why not get in touch?  Tel 020 3011 0211



What can Branded Tags do for your Brand identity?

A tag, produced in sympathy with the brand*, can leverage lasting results from a consistent look.

Historically, a branded tag has been reserved as being only for a high-end luxury brand.  Nowadays, we see up and coming brands using tags to move their brand identity to a massive new level, as the perception of luxury still exists.

For marketing value ££, the tag is an extra, a luxury add-on, yet a subtle link with the old and established brands, and a soft approach in the Consumer goods sector, strengthening the overall brand appeal.  Consumers are always wanting an experience, the same as they’ve seen others have, and a branded tag is part of that experience, giving brands an inexpensive differentiator, in a competitive arena.

Alongside exhibiting the brand, this is an easy place to add brand building slogans, generic garment info, weblinks, social links, all encouraging repeat and add-on Sales.

(Mostly we think of tags used for branded clothing, but there’s nothing to stop the same subtle marketing being used in other industries.  How would your product look if it reached your consumer with a branded tag on?)

*We’ll help you to do this.


For fastest response, why not reach out to discuss your marketing requirements with a reliable team that really makes things happen, telephone 020 3011 0211



The internet has unquestionably changed how we shop but it hasn’t changed the importance of a great retail experience…

Good quality and memorable retail experiences are excellent for building a repeat customer base and fueling recommendations, either face to face or on social media.

So what’s that got to do with printed tissue paper?

Your retail gift packaging is an important part of the customer experience, and one item that can add real value without a huge investment is printed tissue paper.

Top four reasons to use quality printed tissue paper

1) It’s Your Brand

All your communications, at any customer touchpoint, say something about your brand. If you want to continue your appeal and promote your brand long after the shopping experience, the tissue paper you use is an opportunity to subtly create more brand awareness. Make the most of your brand, but be sure that all your retail packaging items work in sympathy with each other.

2) Subtle association

When you receive a gift, or when the shop assistant wraps your purchases, it’s an experience that you want to share. Often a gift is opened in front of family or friends; it’s a moment you haven’t experienced before; it’s something new, a talking point. This is where printed tissue paper becomes especially important because it promotes your brand without saying a word. It answers the silent question of “where did they get that from?” but it is never considered advertising because that’s what all the luxury brands do.

3) It’s all in the rustle!

If you already use plain tissue paper, be sure you’re using the best quality you can get so that it gives the crisp rustle associated with luxury brands. It’s not necessarily expensive to get a luxury feel tissue paper so check out what you are using and make some changes for the better if your current material is flimsy and lifeless. If you look at the likes of Burberry and Chanel, for example, you will experience quality tissue paper.

KUDOS TIP  Due to the printing process for printed tissue paper the material is almost always better quality than plain – it has to be to get through the process. This superior quality offers a much more rewarding rustle. We have found that luxury retailers place importance on the feel and crispness of their tissue paper to provide an even more rewarding customer experience.

4) Cost effective

When you buy printed tissue you can order it to be supplied in sizes to suit your operation which will reduce wastage. Due to the minimum order quantities for printed tissue paper the unit cost is very low, often similar to plain paper, although there is a first order investment in origination. Keep in mind that printed tissue is about brand promotion, not merely cheap protection. The benefits of printed tissue versus plain are difficult to measure in financial terms, but the improved experience is invaluable.

Tips for designing and ordering your printed tissue

1) Take care with the size, layout and pitch of your logo on the printed tissue. It should be related to the products that you will be regularly packing and your overall brand image.

2) Printing in 1 colour such as gold, white, or black on a high quality acid free tissue paper will give the best, most luxury and most cost effective result. You don’t need to print 2 colours which tends to look like advertising rather than subtle brand association.

3) Finally ensure that you have seen a sample of the material; you want a quality acid free tissue paper in 17-19gsm range.

4) Speak to your chosen giftwrapping or packaging partner and ensure that your tissue paper is being produced in the most cost effective way. The design can be the deciding factor between two printing methods, either Flexography or Rotary Gravure.

In summary, good quality printed tissue paper is a cost effective and easy way to promote your brand and create memorable and rewarding customer experiences which will help build your brand and stimulate repeat business.


Recycling Coffee cups… The facts in brief

We had thought it was untaxable; a Coffee culture that swept the UK, replacing Pubs and, becoming our new, and favourite, social venue.  Now, with a growing 2.5 billion empty plastic-coated coffee cups, getting into rubbish tips, it prompts a recommendation that the government step on them.


Watch the coffee culture in the UK here


5th Jan, 2018 – MPs on the Environmental Audit Committee have recommended the Government to introduce the “latte levy” of 25p per disposable coffee cup purchased, to cover improvements to the UK’s reprocessing facilities and “binfastructure” according to Mary Creagh, chair of the Environmental Audit Committee.


The proviso is that if the number of single-use (non-recyclable) cups doesn’t decrease sufficiently, then there could be a ban on non-recyclable coffee cups by 2023.


In his November budget, the Chancellor Philip Hammond supported charges on single-use plastics (which includes non-recyclable coffee cups) and from 2017 at Cardiff University, researchers concluded that charging 25p for every coffee cup would help cut the number used by up to 300million a year.

The boss of Suez Recycling however, calls for a wider, joined up reform, to shift the responsibility back to the Coffee-cup producers, saying the Latte Levy won’t be enough.  David Palmer-Jones says that disposable coffee cups only represent a small fraction of the national annual tonnage of card and plastics waste.

Days before the report, on 2nd Jan, Pret A Manger announced that they would start offering a 50p discount on hot drinks if customers bring their own cup (it has been 25p).  The same day, Starbucks said it would start a three-month trial of a 5p paper cup charge in up to 25 London shops, starting from February.  (Incidentally, only in November 2016, Starbucks withdraw their discount for customers bringing their own cup.)


It turns out that there is only 2 or 3 recycling plants in the UK that have the equipment to recycle coffee cups (the other 5 can’t) and that recycling coffee cups is complicated by the double-wall and mix of plastic and cardboard. In practice, although they carry logos that show they can be recycled, the vast majority of coffee cups do not end up being recycled.


In reality, less than 1% of coffee cups are currently being recycled.


7th Jan, 2018 Can we ask, what’s the rest of Europe doing?

14th Jan, 2018  Enter Frugalcup – the coffee cup that can be easily recycled anywhere and promises to hit Starbucks stores very soon.


What can we expect next?

Some people are expecting it to go like the 5p carrier bag charge, with customers being penalised for not remembering to bring their own cup with them.  Other ideas include Coffee companies charging more for single-use takeaway cups (who would have thought of it?!) to cover increased recycling taxes.  So far it’s just a recommendation, so you can lobby your local MP, perhaps take he/she out for a coffee…


Could your presentation packaging have been easier to come by?

We’re helping to deliver Special Customer experiences; why not reach out for help in 2018.  If there was something that could have made life easier in 2017, what was it?  Storage, manufacture, delivery, style…

For over 30 years we have worked along with our clients to produce an extensive range of successful promotional campaigns, and creative presentation products, that help our clients to build enduring brand loyalty and lifelong customers.  Our customer focused, and friendly approach has become trusted by leading global brands and agencies, and we look forward to working with you and your colleagues again in 2018.

Recap on the highlights of 2017:




We’re off!

We’d like to wish our clients, friends and families the very best for the holiday season.

If you’re working, we’re not!  We’re closed from Friday 22nd, returning to work on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

If you can’t reach us on the phone during this time, please email or send an enquiry from our Contact us page, and we’ll be back in touch in January.


Walkathon at the North Norfolk Coast

We believe in supporting charity, so this winter four of our team (Elspeth, Colin, Annabelle and Jeannette) participated in the NEXUS Winter Walkathon on Saturday 16th December, along the North Norfolk Coast.

The walkathon raises much-needed funds for three charities: Cancer Research, Rapid Relief Team and Medeshamstede Education Trust.

To sponsor us, the link is open until the end of December: Click here: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/boxcouk



Help prospects connect with your brand

In your market, who’s creating an experience that you only dream of.

What are they doing well?  What is their brand doing for your key prospects, that your brand doesn’t do (yet)?  We help brands to Win more by building presentation material that elevates the brand, whether we’re building Sample Presentation, Retail presentation, or launching your brand at a key event.  (It’s all about where your brand is going next.)

What we offer to ensure you Win more…

  • Sample Presentation Packaging
  • Unique Product Packaging for High End Luxury Products
  • Point of Sale & Display, Bespoke Solutions
  • Retail Presentation Materials for Instore & Online
  • Bespoke Promotional Products: New Client Welcome Packs
  • Onboard packs, on-brand, perfect PR for HR
  • Innovative Disruptive Marketing Communications
  • Complete Fulfilment in-house with Account Manager to oversee
  • Storage and despatch facility
  • Custom-made Stationery Products including Presentation Binders



Find out how you could collect more.

We design branded packaging that’s perfectly aligned with the direction your brand is going.

This month we picked our bespoke designed Collection boxes, Ballot boxes and Leaflet dispensers.  Can you buy standard collection boxes cheaper?  You’re bound to be able to.  Are they aligned with your brand?  Yours to debate. For hours, until you’re bored.

When you use BoxcoUK you can expect an attention to detail that is second to none, helping you to build your brand presence and grow Sales.

Contact us when you’re ready.









Find your vintage here…!

Maybe we never thought about it – that packaging has actually shaped our lives – and made us think the way we do.  For example, do you know Black Magic as chocolate?

Did you grow up on Mothers Pride and Mary Poppins, or Frosties and Five Alive?

Remember the brands that came and went like Tab and Dream?

We’re not claiming to have covered off on every piece of packaging through your era, but here’s a trip down memory lane…















How to handle the scenario when unavoidably the whole of your team have time out, at the same time

Let’s face it, sometimes this happens, particularly when you’ve got a small team. Unavoidably everyone in the office needs time out, on the same day.  This is most likely to happen when some of your most loyal staff are already away, and then someone else suffers a bereavement, at the same time as someone else had a doctor’s appointment booked, it goes on…

So how do you keep the office open? (when really it’s not!)

We’ve come up with a list, depending on how much notice you have, and how regularly this situation occurs.


If you have notice…

  1. Schedule your marketing with this period in mind. Any campaigns, give yourself sufficient time so the number of incoming enquiries will slow just prior to the period when you’re short-staffed, and restart at the point when staff are coming back.
  2. If people can order online, schedule your offers accordingly and make it clear when delivery times will vary from the norm.
  3. Consider setting up marketing that involves filling in a survey, with an automated Thank you message, building time for you to respond after your team is back up & running again.
  4. Communicate to people you are working with currently, giving them dates when you plan to be open/closed.
  5. Advise couriers of specific dates when you won’t be in.
  6. Consider what happens when your phone rings, does it have a message system, and is it up to date and relevent.


If you have no notice…

  1. Set up autoresponders on your emails, and specify when you’ll get back to people.
  2. Think about the people you’re working with currently – Customers and Suppliers alike – send them a quick message – being proactive is best.
  3. Leave a note on the door – especially if you’re likely to get deliveries – ideally get someone nearby to take them in for you.
  4. Consider getting your team to check emails while they are out, especially if they’ve asked for time off at short notice (then customers can get answers even if the phone isn’t being answered.)


If this regularly happens…

  1. Some of the above will apply too.
  2. Perhaps put a note on the home page of your website with your changing hours
  3. Amend your business opening hours on Google – you can alter the times for different days of the week
  4. Think about what business you’re missing; how much, how often, and who are you letting down?  Could you catch up with them in another way?  If they can’t catch you in summer, they may assume you hibernate properly in the winter months!


Make sure your normal is OPEN.


Bringing Good cheer at the end of 2017…

Do you want something that’s different from everyone else’s gift of drink or chocolates?

Something that won’t cause offence, and won’t be forgotten, for all the right reasons?

Enter The Ultimate Office Sharer – a box of 24 Mince Pies – designed for B2B, celebrating success with Top clients, or Large Corporate gifting for staff and their families.


Each box contains 2 layers of 12 individually wrapped, freshly baked, mince pies in a display box with your company’s branding on.

Full information to download here.

To discuss further, please contact us


In this world of international travel, and multichannel marketing, decision makers are being targeted from every direction…


Nobody is far from a marketing message, a promotional email, or even an advertising text. The internet of things has become the resource for knowledge, searching new contacts and suppliers. LinkedIn has brought the commercial world closer together.

So…How do you differentiate yourself?

How do you keep your brand and products recognised?

How do you fly above your competition?

How can you win more customers like your current top customer?


The sales journey has changed, internet research has meant shorter buying cycles; customers approach with a broad knowledge of the products and the competitors before any conversation begins.  So you’ve got to stand out, you need to place your company alongside the big brands.


Welcome to BoxcoUK where we believe in creative presentation.

With creative promotions and presentation you will inspire both your customers and your sales team, it’s a passport to improved customer relationships, and better customer experiences that convert into positive social media traffic. Take a walk through the pages of our brochure and find ideas and products that will enable you to land more business next year.


We look forward to working with like-minded teams and companies that believe in the success of bespoke promotions and presentation.