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Re-living that wow moment when Carling delivered Lager ‘Thank You’ pack

Above: Carling for a refreshingly refined taste
The promotional desk drop was designed to launch the new brand to all team members, with a carry handle to take home, complete with two bottles and a can of Carling to enjoy.  Focusing on drink, and making an impact with your target audience… do you want them to enjoy it, share it or blog it?




Taking the Baileys brand to exhibition, the gift bags designed for two sizes of bottle were a bespoke measure with luxurious ivory gold ribbon





Jack Daniels
Designed for The Daily Telegraph newspaper who needed a branded outer pack for the promotional giveaway of a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee




Pilsner Urquell

Created as a presentation pack for an individual beer glass, the Pilsner Urquell pack comes complete with a wax seal of authenticity.










Johnnie Walker Red Label
A bespoke end of year promotion for top customers, this unique pack was created to have real impact with a concise message ‘with thanks’.




Julia Arenson, Head of Creative Production at VCCP says…

We worked with BoxcoUK on these Carling display boxes. They helped us with the construction of the boxes.  The boxes were done to a high standard and we were very happy with the result.


Drink and drive your marketing responsibly…

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Bespoke-built sample presentation, and the LAX BlackCore range

Making an impression with delivery increases engagement with your brand, and adds quality to the products and services you provide.  For best impact, deliver a little of what you do best… Keep it simple, and think about what your customers want to see (is there a service you offer that they don’t all know about, but they’ve been asking for?), and what could you put in alongside to increase engagement (we find a foody-something works!)…

The LAX range we use is constructed using BlackCore board, which gives a very professional end product with white edges eliminated on the corners of your boxes.  LAX looks particularly good when foil blocking or screen printing techniques are used to finish it off.

Pictured above: Quickband by Safeaid Supplies the rail safety specialist
Armband and badge inserts delivered in fully branded LAX BlackCore presentation pack with engraved pen

Providing clients, prospects and sign-ups with just a little sample of what you do best, goes a long way to strengthening your brand.  For advice on bespoke promotional marketing and training products that help you Win more…
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Samples of other presentation packs we’ve made…

htc-01taylor-westMr & Mrs Smith

Samples of the Niceday stationary product range available from Spicers. A trial pack for clients to get them familiar with the range.Introducing HD Technology by the British Ceramic Tile company... Sample pack with sturdy inlay to hold fragile tile samples, reaching out to Architects and Interior designersTimber Trade Guide and wood samples pack for your back deck, only available from Metsa WoodSave













Built to showcase hearing aid solutions, the Phonak presenter was a masterpiece in itself

Phonak’s mission is to reconnect it’s niche audience with the beauty of sound.
From Sky-V hearing aids in 16 colours to wireless hearing aids controlled from your phone the innovation that Phonak provides, means sufferers now lead fuller lives.

Yes – you heard right.  Thanks to modern technology and innovation, high quality standards and industry-leading expertise, Phonak is able to continuously deliver the best solution for hearing.

The presentation pack designed by BoxcoUK showcased the newest hearing solutions and had brochures, CD and mock framed certificate neatly placed inside.


Ronnie Devine, Customer Experience Manager at BoxcoUK, comments

The pack was made for the Sales team to present at the coal-face, visiting clients.  It provides something tangible for the Sales people to show and talk about as well as for the clients to engage with the brand and learn about Phonak and what they do for people with hearing difficulties.


In today’s world it’s no longer about having a great product with excellent design, delivered on time etc., people want to hear the story and experience being part of a community, buying from a great company, with a fantastic brand, and belonging to the culture that comes from owning it.


The presentation case designed for Phonak is tangible and a great way to demonstrate a living brand that engenders a vibrant community of previously impaired people whose lives have been changed, all thanks to Phonaks unique hearing pieces, “Life is on”.


Do you have difficulty in making yourself heard?

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Running with the best methods, fast!

We recently attended a networking session on Marketing Strategy with delegates from a range of different industries, from apple packing machinery to plush office fit-out, clothing to coffee.  Sharing ideas, we talked about the challenges we face, and the different marketing methods there are, which to utilise and how.

What came through was that everybody in management wants to know what marketing methods are best, and secondly, is marketing strategy separate or the same thing as having a Business Strategy?  We quickly concluded on this second idea, during the session, because we felt that when there is a clear business strategy, then the marketing (strategy) falls into place… and really calling it a Marketing Strategy is way more complicated than is necessary!  Read on for my takeaways…

So marketing is part of the business strategy… but everyone wants to know: What are the best marketing methods to pick up?  With a myriad of ideas out there, which could be the big new thing for your brand.  So many avenues, restraints with time and budget, you just can’t do everything, so choosing which ideas you use is vital.

There’s a need to evaluate the success rate of a marketing method, and which type of brands has it worked for so far?  How can you take ideas used in other similar industries (but avoiding ‘me too’ – copying your competitors) and turn your industry on it’s head with a new idea, driving an awesome return in Sales.

Being able to measure the outcome of marketing – everyone knows that this is where digital shines – check someone is getting reports and knows what your key numbers are.  Watching them month on month can be really helpful and supports evidence of an increase in Sales coming from digital.

For non-digital methods – it can be treated as a campaign, and measured against the number of leads you started off with.  It might be that you have to measure by gut feel (and this isn’t guessing) – analysing and evaluating and asking honestly: Did this work, or did it NOT work?  Who felt good about the marketing?  Did it bring in more Sales?  What response did you get from customers?  Keep using the methods that are working.  Find creative ways to finish with methods that aren’t working.  Embracing change quicker and quicker.

Face to face is coming out tops again – Visiting customers is powerful – it proves you care (and exist!).  There is so much noise out there now and so many people can be contacted in so many ways, that it seems face-to-face is coming out tops again.  This is not just cold-calling – you have to know they have a need – you’re not wasting anyone’s time – it needs to be very focused.

Cold calls are no longer so cold… The phonecalls we make are purposeful, following up leads that have made contact with us, or where a colleague has referred someone.  Social can soften up leads and generate a long-term interest as clients engage with your brand.

Email marketing is working for everyone… so long as it’s timely & relevant, it’s effective.

And lots more was discussed but no room here…  Content marketing, make it interesting and something that is going to be shared.  Digital marketing starts with a great website, the hub for all your marketing.  Having a targeted individual strategy for different customers … or a set of customers.  Having a referral scheme in place, videos of customer testimonials, an app…

Focusing on the marketing ideas that are working (because you know they are) is key to the Marketing Strategy (or Business strategy!) and measuring the results is calculating how far you’ve run and what distance there is still to cover.


Now’s the time to be thinking how good Mince Pies taste…

Particularly when a pack of 24 arrives in the offices of your customers, right at the start of the party season.  Add this pack to your Marketing Plan for Christmas 2016, available in quantities of 100, 200 and 400packs.  Branded all over, from Design Guides that Boxco provide, these packs have consistently caused a stir when they get unwrapped and shared round the office.  No surprises, eh?

Enquire now, in time for delivery in early December.



Intentionally slim, making a big impression, as it delivers a welcome message (with key, card, pen or USB information)…

An ingenious presentation pack created from card folded around a foam centre. Very effective and modern in impact…The PEK620 Thank You (shown above) delivers a warm welcoming message with the key to a new home-owner, presented alongside a branded key ring & pen.

‘Everything you need is explained here’… ‘Welcome to’… ‘We hope you enjoy your stay’… ‘This is what your membership covers’… The PEK pack has numerous uses giving brands the scope to deliver a direct message to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.


Jeannette Jones, comments from the Marketing Team at BoxcoUK

“The PEK is designed to be given out by hand and can be used at Exhibition (as a give away), or in a Showroom setting (with additional information), as well as behind the desk when you get new customers signing up for e.g. Gym Membership.

You can post them but they would need clear seals over the sides, or a ‘rip-off’ strip and if it was potentially secure information there would have to be some mechanism for the recipient to activate (e.g. the card) when they received it. All things are possible with the PEK. There are many situations where it performs outstandingly.”


Looking to deliver a slim simple message?  For bespoke promotional marketing and training products that help you Win more…
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VW Finance Calculator Soft Set Virgin Soft Set HSBC


Pictures from the day

We were at CDX16 on Tuesday this week exhibiting our personalised vehicle handover packs to Car dealership groups.  The packs can be personalised online for the new car owner, really neat and a great way to cause a stir on handover making for long-term connection between the car dealership and the new car owner.  The success on handover brings reward to the dealership of good customer feedback, repeat business and referrals for future business.


Some pictures from the day…

1 3  5


Compact and ready to personalise for the new prospective client, an inspiring message delivered with chocolate… Expect results!

Woodhouse had a familiar life-could-be-better story… “All we need is more clients, just like our best client”… A way to target new prospective clients, get them thinking about an office refurb, ahead of the event, and keeping them away from the competition. What we needed was something direct, personalised, with a friendly approach.  That’s how the Drop-in Pack was first briefed.

What soon became clear was that their top-notch prospectives were working in adjacent offices to their current clients, the floor above, the floor below.

When we designed this pack for Woodhouse, more business from next door meant that when one of the team was making a site visit they could easily take 5-10 packs out with them, walk into the Reception above and below where they are working, and ask for the best contact, write this on the front of the Drop-in pack (there’s a space designed for it) and the pack would be guaranteed to be in the right place, for the right person.  Really targeted, really effective.

The pack itself is small but won’t be missed. On the outside it says Here’s a little of what we do… and the word Taste which reads well both referring to the contents and what Woodhouse delivers in terms of tasteful design.

Inside there’s the mission statement and a testimonial to their great delivery – on time, on budget – space for a bar of Montezuma’s chocolate, a Z-card showing past projects, and a clear call to action.


Matthew Cooper, Director of Business Development at Woodhouse Workspace, comments,

“Woodhouse are really pleased with the drop-in packs provided by BoxcoUK. From initial brief to finished article, they were excellent. We required a product that caught people’s attention, was small, but got prospects to pick up the phone and this is what BoxcoUK produced.  We still have a requirement for these boxes years later!”


Ronnie Devine, Customer Experience Manager at BoxcoUK, comments

“Good news Matthew! I believe one of the secrets to the success of this pack is being able to personalise it to the recipient.  People love being given something just for them with their name on. Marketing fails to impress with incorrect spelling or old data, but these are designed for everyone in the team to be approaching new clients, on friendly first name terms, making it an easy obvious choice for new clients to make contact.”

Simple, direct, effective… Who’s next door when you visit your client?
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Tasty viscount biscuit pack delivers massive message to new users

The company, Kantar World Panel provides consumer insights on all aspects of shopper behaviours, from personal care to petrol, fashion to fast-moving goods such as food and drink, allowing businesses, across the world, to take decisions based on real facts gathered from reliable data.

Kantar needed to send a message that was clear, to new prospectives, portraying graphically the depth of their insights into consumer behaviour. They had also reached a level of 30,000 UK households participating on their consumer panel…

Working with this statistic BoxcoUK came up with the sliding packaging that revealed the green zeros in the “30,000” which were green Viscount biscuits and very tasty for the recipient to share and enjoy while they read the Kantar brochure, which was a slim folded leaflet delivered alongside.

The campaign was highly effective in pointing out that Kantar’s consumer panel of participating households had now reached 30,000 and, because of this, now offers a greater level of accurate insight to brand owners base decisions on real consumer buying behaviours.


David Bottazzi, Creative Consultant, comments,

“The Kantar project went well – BoxcoUK certainly helped to develop the marketing piece that was very successful as far as I remember. Thanks again.”

Elspeth Devine, Production Manager, comments from BoxcoUK

“It’s amazing how simple the ingredients can be for a good memorable marketing piece. This was a clear message delivered alongside something edible. What greatly helped the Kantar pack was that there was enough biscuits to share, making it a good office-stopper, or ‘meeting moment’, certain for success.”

What numbers do you need to achieve in your business?

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It all started with a bacon roll…

Last month I attended a digital strategy networking session with 3 colleagues… It was a really simple occasion, with just 3 speakers which is quite enough when it comes to digital-points-of-view.  A quick resume follows, including the gems of the event:

Lynsey Swales of SocialB – SEO, Social Media & Digital Marketing Expert/Trainer/Professional Speaker UK/Int. DMA Vice Chair Social Media Council

No. 1 is a good website: Good design, Clear ‘call to action’ so clients can find what they want straight away, Content & Google wants to see you updating regularly, Navigation (across the top is best) focus on getting people to the right part of your website, Credibility (get your accreditations up there), Mobile Friendly & your social media buttons clear.

For SEO compile a list of all the key words for your product or service – an Excel doc will do – show this to everyone who does anything online for the business – don’t assume you know what people will Google.  These key words should appear in URL title and meta descriptions, headings, images and Alt descriptions, but not so over the top that clients switch off (it’s only for Google).  Some great content Lynsey.


Tom Bowden – Director at Footprint Digital Ltd

Whatever you do in Marketing – Measure it, Test it – don’t just put a system in place and hope marketing works.  On Adwords – providing you’re generating business, they make good sense.  In his delivery he did some live tests for the audience to participate in choosing which bar or button they would have clicked, and showing what actual digital tests had proved, e.g. 3 Google adverts with slightly different wording and which had infact generated the highest response.

Thanks Tom, enjoyed you’re tests & the audience interaction was great.


Mili Ponce – International Strategist on Social Media Marketing, Traffic and Lead Generation, Web Conversion and PPC

In Jan 2016 there is 7.395 billion people alive, 3.419 billion Internet users, 2.307 billion active social media users, 3.790 billion unique mobile users (this is 51% of the total population!) and 1.968 active mobile social users.

Social Media use across the world is 31% but in North America it is 59% of the population; South America 50%; West Europe 48%; East Asia 48%; Ocenia including Australisia 45%; East Europe 45% and Central America 40%.  After that there is Southeast Asia at 37%, Middle East 26%, South Asia 11%, Africa 11% and Central Asia 6%.

Reddit is popular, given that the website looks a shade 80-ish… definitely worth looking at it if your product is technologically niche, scientific, innovative.  Facebook is everything, talk to your clients when they are in their lest defensive mode.

Social media is about brand-awareness, not about your products & services, it’s about your great relationships.

ROI on Direct Mail/marketing sent out by post is now up to 10% – this is largely thought to be due to the lack of post we receive that more envelopes get opened.

If your website is not getting a 10% return (100 visits, 10 actions) then social media is not worth starting… Food for thought that, Mili.  Another bacon roll please.



Hobart use innovative Mug pack to advance their high-spec warewashing machines

Hobart is part of ITW a global diversified manufacturer of specialised industrial equipment.  For Hobart this means industrial dishwashers, a unique range of warewashing equipment that delivers the best in innovation.

Advanced solutions built for the customer, from Glasswashers for sparkling clean glasses, to Utensil washers for top-hygiene performance. Pass-through Dishwashers and Rack Conveyors for high-use industrial users, fast Undercounter Dishwashers, Flight Type Dishwashers and 3 guesses who for… You’ve got it, rest assured they have thought of every type of user.

The campaign to send a mug out to 300 prospectives was a targeted “new enquiries generator” directed by Jellybean Creative working on behalf of Hobart. From the brief specification: Can the box look like a dishwasher? the pack was designed spot-on without hesitation from the BoxcoUK Studio.

Printed Plinth

The mug was held securely in the plinth with a snug fit for extra protection.

close up plinth









Tuck in Flap

Opening like a dishwasher should, it’s all in the detail that comes standard from BoxcoUK

close up flap










Laura Ness at Jellybean Creative comments

“This was as a targeted “new enquiries generator” and was followed up by a member of their sales team on a one-to-one basis. Everyone involved was very pleased with the finished product!  BoxcoUK were fantastic, and as good at the production of the item as the ideas generation of it! They’re great to work with and we’d be happy to recommend them.”


Colin Devine comments from the Studio at BoxcoUK

“Enjoyed creating this simple but effective piece. We had the suggestion that they send the mug out upside down – as if it was being loaded into the dishwasher – with “Smug” printed correct way round (and therefore upside down when correctly placed)!


It’s all about creating an experience.  We have a lot of fun in the studio creating new ideas for clients that we know will leave lasting impact, and a big impression!”


Want a new innovation in your marketing?

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Introducing the Heroes make-up ‘Collection’… whilst highlighting the extraordinary qualities in this 7-piece presentation pack

Award-winning and forerunners in mass-market make-up, Collection Cosmetics used this presentation pack, with foam inlay holding glam essentials, to launch the new Collection range to stores across the UK.

The aim was to launch the new range and make an impact with Store Beauticians, to encourage up-sell.  The design by Pegasus PR was influenced by pop artist Roy Lichtenstein and had the look and feel of a retro comic book.

Pegasus PR know how to inspire healthy decisions whilst Collection Cosmetics remain pharmacy favourites and hold their British heritage as a key driving force to success.  With these attributes on the palette, the success of the project was assured; the pack delivered core essential ‘canvas’ products, whilst showing off the hot new Heroes brand.

Stylish and made to measure

That’s why we insist on sample product in order to create a completely bespoke solution for your brand 

close up 3









In-house fulfilment from a dedicated team

This ensures that the finished product is as awesome as the prototypes in design stage

close up 2









Do you want to make an impact with a selection of your hero products?

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Are you ready to ship goods into the UK for packing and onward shipment to Europe?

“Hello this is Jay from the States, We’re launching our new Dietary supplement products to help weight loss over in the UK and European markets and we need some packaging, can you help?”… That’s how our Lean Packaging solution started… The answer was “yes” as usual.


Visalus Sciences had been a roaring success in the USA, with a meal replacement diet system, driven through social media, making losing weight ever more fashionable, challenging and fun.  Promoted through personal recommendation, and with great rewards for weight loss, they have supplied more than 10,000 BMWs (literally!) to their top promoters.


The transit packaging was produced by BoxcoUK and delivered to Central distribution units in France, UK and the Netherlands.  So when it came to the Challenge Starter kit, BoxcoUK took care of the design and manufacture.  A weight off their shoulders for the Body by Vi team at Visalus Sciences.


Have you got a great product, and want to gain entry to European markets, without the time or expertise to organise delivery?

  • Save money by shipping in bulk internationally
  • Outer Packaging designed & produced in the UK to local standards
  • Entry to European market, through the UK
  • From the UK it’s only 1 or 2 hour difference in the time zone, to liase onward shipment to countries around Europe


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