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Cutting Planner 10 Torrent Download
Cutting Planner 10

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Cutting Planner 10

Cutting Planner 10

Do you always get annoyed like a puzzle when you cut plates, etc.? Cut Planner significantly reduces manual labor, which takes several hours, thanks to a unique algorithm that combines the experience gained from real factory work with the advantages of the computer. Using a cutting schedule that is considered a production order, anyone can handle efficient work. You don’t need sir. And you can get an accurate estimate.

What is a cutting optimizer?

Cut Optimizer is software that manages to cut some parts of the board from the original board such as plywood, aluminum board and steel board.

Calculate high-efficiency cutting schedules using plates, saws and scissors. It is used in the production of furniture, processing of steel plates and sheets, etc.

The results of the calculations can be confirmed on a computer screen, printed and used as an order on the construction site. You can also use it to calculate forecasts.

It also supports the optimization of cutting lengths of the material.

Long materials such as rods, tubes and tubes also contribute to the layout for efficient cutting. Cutting Planner supports 1D and 2D with one software.

What is

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