Samsung KNOX Case Study

Samsung KNOX Case Study

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TV-in-a-box to launch Samsung KNOX 2-in-1 device

Launching the Samsung KNOX device, BoxcoUK devised the new ‘TV-in-a-box’ concept to send a video to key potential business users, at the head of multi-nationals, with an info-graphic displaying the enhanced security features, and advance to enterprise mobility, with the feature to keep both personal and business apps together on one safe device. With hardware to software integrated security; real time monitoring and updates, this easy to use cloud-based manageability comes all in one place – thanks to Samsung.

The launch pack was an outer solid-black board box, which held only the slim TV card, a business card and a small fold out leaflet. No clutter, just the video to watch.

Focusing on:

  • Disruptive Marketing Communications
  • TV-in-a-box, info-graphics & videos
  • High-profile Product Launches
  • Delivering big impact to only the Managers that matter

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