January 2017


Play the game!

We got an amazing 12 calendars delivered this month…

Just what we weren’t expecting in this age of all things digital and nothing tangible…

So we decided to turn our calendars into some fun…

12 Calendars - Thanks

Play the game… Can you spot?

  1. 2 calendars with same image
  2. The January pic that matches Earth Live (b)
  3. The company that gave us 2
  4. One that isn’t a calendar!
  5. The calendar displaying August (found in our Production department!)
  6. The personalised option
  7. A 2016 one thrown in
  8. Simon Price (Apologies Simon!)


Answers: 1 = c & m, 2 = n, 3 = a & c, 4 = h, 5 = i, 6 = g, 7 = o, 8 = i






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