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ISO 14001 for the 1st time

We’ve gained approval for ISO 14001 because we believe that being Environmentally Friendly is important and does mean something to our clients.

In real terms it means we look after you really well, and if we fail in this, we make a proper investigation into it. We also have special lorries that come and collect waste paper and cardboard and recycle it (they hold certificates to do this).

The grueling process of gaining ISO 14001:2004, to give it it’s correct title, involves reducing waste and operational costs, reducing the risk of environmental breaches, reducing the impact of our carbon footprint. In turn, it reduces the risk of prosecution and the bad PR associated with it.

We are satisfied that it provides us with the credentials to react to market demand and opens global opportunities with a recognised mark of environmental responsibility and efficiency, giving clients absolute confidence that BoxcoUK will add value and support their own environmental policies.


We didn’t just achieve this on our own – we have a great company backing us – IMSM Quality Auditors keep regular control over our environmental management system.  To contact them directly ring 01666 826065, based in Wiltshire.

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We’ve now got ISO 9001

BoxcoUK has now been audited against ISO 9001:2008 quality processes and we have gained the necessary certification to display the Registered mark.

So what is ISO 9001:2008 about and what does it do for our clients?  The certification shows that we have management processes in place relating to the quality of our products and services and that these processes have been looked at by Third party trained auditors, who have approved it based on standards set out in the recognised ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. 

Along with many other companies we want to prove to our clients that we have the ability to consistently provide products and services to a high standard in terms of quality.  If we make a mistake, and let our customers down, there is a proper system in place for following up, assessing what should have happened and making a change in procedure to ensure that we don’t make the same mistake again.

The process of gaining ISO 9001:2008 involves drilling down into the processes within our business structure.  Focusing on the customers’ experience, ISO 9001 aims to better equip the business to meet their needs, improving the customer focus throughout the business.  The impact of this fundamental change to streamlining processes, containing costs, improving accountability and traceability across the company with a recognised mark of quality, is a positive move forward and the improved efficiency has meant resources being better focused on the main business objectives.


We’ve always had a high number of client referrals from the great customer service we offer, so gaining the ISO 9001:2008 was really a way of gaining a recognised approval for something we’re already pretty good at.  Dare we be this modest?


Possibly the best thing about gaining ISO 9001:2008 has been the teamwork that has made it possible.  Better internal processes and even higher standards of quality, with a continuous improvement policy is driving the business forward to maintain great customer service.

To discuss it further with a member of the team, Ring Tel 020 3011 0211 | Email