September 2014


BoxcoUK’s video-in-a-box technology ensures safe launch of the NEW Samsung KNOX 2-in-1 app with multi-layered android security

Samsung KNOX Workspace is a manageable, on-device mobile security system giving users complete peace of mind…

Launching the new device, Samsung with their agency Iris Worldwide used the new ‘TV-in-a-box’ concept to send a video to key potential users, with an info-graphic displaying the enhanced security features and advance to enterprise mobility, with the feature to keep both personal and business apps together on one safe device.

With hardware to software integrated security; real time monitoring and updates, this easy to use cloud-based manageability comes all in one place, and with the accreditation of the Defence department in the US who’ve trialled it – all thanks to Samsung.

The launch pack was an outer solid-black board box, which held only the slim TV card, a business card and a small fold out leaflet.
No clutter, just the video to watch.


Commenting on behalf of Iris, Guy Cain, Senior Production Manager says

“It was a big launch for Samsung – it needed high impact to high profile enterprises and global companies – reaching through to top decision makers.  The message we needed to get across was the security issues that companies face with their workforce out there using non-secure phones to hold critical company data, putting companies in great danger of cyber-threats. BoxcoUK put together the pack for us, and we were very pleased with the outcome.”


Simon Price from the Design Studio at BoxcoUK adds

“Incredibly effective as a marketing piece, this was a video-launch delivered right into the hands of the people that matter. The sleek, minimalist look was very “Samsung”; the plain black outer only added to the intrigue of opening the TV-in-a-box and getting the robust security feature across. We’re glad it worked for launching Samsung KNOX – overall a perfect example of disruptive marketing.”


What do you want your potential prospects to watch – whether it’s launching a new product to your Top clients, or training for your global Sales Team?  The TV-in-a-box reaches out where alternative marketing is lost.

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Amazing what a packet of sweets turning up at the right time can do!

We’ve had great reactions with skittles but you can try anything…from Jelly tots to Jam Tarts…Something extra that the client wasn’t expecting!


Just to let you know that our box sample arrived this morning.
Thank you so much for organising and sending this (and thank you to whoever put the little packet of sweets in too, honestly brightened my day!!).  It has met with the approval of Josh, the studio director who is a hard man to please!  We are going to be putting all of it together this afternoon and will be back to you no later than the end of the week.  Once again, my biggest thanks.
Creative Manager, Agency, South West


By the way… Having already mentioned about the quick response and excellent supply of the samples yesterday, as I was taking them to the client, there was a rattle for the second box. Skittles. I did laugh. Brilliant touch.
Studio Director, Design Agency, West Sussex


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