June 2016


Now’s the time to be thinking how good Mince Pies taste…

Particularly when a pack of 24 arrives in the offices of your customers, right at the start of the party season.  Add this pack to your Marketing Plan for Christmas 2016, available in quantities of 100, 200 and 400packs.  Branded all over, from Design Guides that Boxco provide, these packs have consistently caused a stir when they get unwrapped and shared round the office.  No surprises, eh?

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Intentionally slim, making a big impression, as it delivers a welcome message (with key, card, pen or USB information)…

An ingenious presentation pack created from card folded around a foam centre. Very effective and modern in impact…The PEK620 Thank You (shown above) delivers a warm welcoming message with the key to a new home-owner, presented alongside a branded key ring & pen.

‘Everything you need is explained here’… ‘Welcome to’… ‘We hope you enjoy your stay’… ‘This is what your membership covers’… The PEK pack has numerous uses giving brands the scope to deliver a direct message to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.


Jeannette Jones, comments from the Marketing Team at BoxcoUK

“The PEK is designed to be given out by hand and can be used at Exhibition (as a give away), or in a Showroom setting (with additional information), as well as behind the desk when you get new customers signing up for e.g. Gym Membership.

You can post them but they would need clear seals over the sides, or a ‘rip-off’ strip and if it was potentially secure information there would have to be some mechanism for the recipient to activate (e.g. the card) when they received it. All things are possible with the PEK. There are many situations where it performs outstandingly.”


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