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Thanks to our clients support…

Thanks to being in business this year we have been able to give to the following charities:

The Red Cross Ebola Appeal

Royal National Institute of Blind People

Macmillan Cancer Support

Cancer Research UK

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

British Heart Foundation

Great Ormond Street


Marie Curie

Rapid Relief Team


The European Refugee Crisis


We’re working till 22th and re-open 4th

Thanks for your custom in the past year.  As always we are working till the last and first back, so we’re super sorry for you if you’re working within these dates and can’t reach us.


See you in ’16.


The traditional bathroom cabinet that allowed Gillette to lather up editors ahead of Movember…!

From humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, in 2003, the Movember movement has grown to a successful global charity, inspiring support from over 5 million Mo Bros and Mo Sistas worldwide with a united commitment to change the face of men’s health.

Gillette is proud to be a supporting partner, and as part of a campaign to support the movement they produced this PR pack and sent it to Editor’s to raise public awareness just before November.

Partnering with Movember, and helping to change the face of men’s health, they encouraged men up and down the UK to grow a moustache and support awareness for men’s health issues, as well as make fundraising contributions.  Alongside this they made their own contribution of £100,000 through on pack promotions.  The cabinet also launched a 3-in-1 Power Razer and talked about the new barber shop in WC2.

(As every man knows, Gillette is the best a man can get.)


Mateusz, previously with Popcorn Design, says

“The pack was designed to impress editors and keep the Movember movement charity foremost in their minds through the month of November so that the charity had maximum press coverage.  We worked with BoxcoUK against a really tight deadline and managed to get the cabinets delivered.”


Colin Devine, BoxcoUK, says

“Each bathroom cabinet was individually engraved with the receiving Editor’s name on the mirror.  The final product really felt and looked like a genuine bathroom cabinet, with the mirror recessed into the door.  They really did look as though someone had written your name in tooth paste, great fun.  I bet they’re all still hanging around! 

This is powerful Personalisation that gets kept far longer, starts great conversations and gets rememebered for a very long time.  It’s that level of detail that wins results.”


To mirror the above and for more “in your face” bespoke promotional products that help you Win more…Call BoxcoUK on 020 3011 0211


Wow! This company really cares about us and our team here…

You’ll notice that each Mince Pie is individually wrapped for freshness, hey that’s good, Yum!

Secondary use for the pack: Brochure holder for the Post Room, Shop Counter or Showroom.

Follow this blog for future launches and updates.

Signet Seals take display pack to Innovation Day

Signet Seals were out to cause a stir at an Innovation Event Day in London when they contacted BoxcoUK to create a great presentation for their samples.

The Innovation Day was being held in London, and the purpose of the event was to bring new ideas to all of their marketing, design and procurement teams.  Signet needed something to hand out, a personalised gift, alongside samples, and something that would give everyone a reason to remember them.


Bespoke printed ribbon handles and Signet’s very own seal

Signet detail 1









Business card holder cut-out in the lid and inlay designed around gifts & samples

Signet detail 2









Roy Lyon, Signet, says

Working with BoxcoUK our Marketing team put together the contents for this sample presentation pack which was for what we call an ‘Innovation Day’ held in the Head Offices of one of our largest clients to bring new ideas to all of their marketing, design and procurement staff as well as their associated Design Agencies and Preferred Suppliers of Presentation Packaging.
We wanted to hand out a personalised gift and sample pack that would give everyone something to remember us for and I would say we definitely achieved this, with a pack that contributed greatly towards a really successful event.  Thanks again.


Ronnie Devine, BoxcoUK, says

The ribbon handles lend that elite and charming look, luxurously soft and easy to carry – they don’t cut into your wrist like some bags do.  Possibly best seen balanced alongside a Champagne glass in the same hand!  Ultimately the pack was designed to look “rich” and, working with Signet, I think we achieved this.


Drinks on the house…(Head over for your next exhibition pack)

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Customer Service Training Certificates arrived!

After a high pressure six month training period between January and June this year, the team celebrated the arrival of the Pass certificates on Monday.   Thanks go to the team at Quest for helping us through!



24 Mince Pie display pack with your Company Branding on!

Big on taste, small on budget…  The Mince Pie Office Pack (24 tasty, freshly-baked Mince pies, individually wrapped in a display box, with your company branding on, ready for delivery) Win more…Great results promised!

This the ultimate office share.  This branded promotional item is designed to be quickly shared, leaving a great taste at the end of 2015.  Even clients with strict gift policies won’t resist this small gesture of thanks in the festive season, “It’s only a mince pie”!

  • Entire office celebration when they arrive!
  • Generous incentive for the whole office to share
  • All time favourite, tasty fresh baked mince pies
  • Second use, display box with your Company branding on
  • Ultimate brand space, all over the box
  • Leave a great taste in your customers mouth at the end of 2015!

Cut off for orders Friday 23rd October.
Agreement on artwork by Friday 6th November.
Order now for delivery in early December.


Testimonials to the Mince Pie Office Pack!

“Yes thank you very much – they are delicious! The second layer has now also gone – Please send our compliments to the chef!  We wish you much joy and happiness for the coming weeks.”

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for the box of mince pies I just received. They have been shared with my colleagues both in project management and in our studio, so the name has been spread far and wide.”

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing box of mince pies. They taste great.  Thanks very much for sending.”

To discuss the Mince Pie Office Pack further please contact our Sales Team on 020 3011 0211.



HTS Catalogue Launch Pack gets results when delivered to site with Mug & Biscuits!

At ground level in marketing you need to uncover how to best get through to your customers, and prospects.  Have you considered what a typical day includes for them?  When do they take a break?  How do they get their post?  When are they most likely to be receptive to messages from you?

All this and more goes into the planning of a successful marketing campaign, at BoxcoUK we work with you to find out when’s best to strike and how.

HTS Industrial & Plant Spares had a rebrand, and a complete re-code of the entire product range.  They needed to communicate this to their customers and distribute the new catalogue so that their complete database was informed on the same day.

At BoxcoUK we created this welcome pack to launch the new Catalogue in a different way to what HTS had ever done before.  Notepads, Pens, Mugs and Biscuits enhance the experience, and of course they’re all products that go down well on Construction sites.

Could we help you cause a stir, in your target market, with unforgettable presentation?


Roy Knappett, Business Development at HTS Spares says

“We used this catalogue pack for launch of a new catalogue, and BoxcoUK came up with a very ingenious design to present quite a diverse collection of products in the best possible way.  We were also very impressed with the quality of the product.  The whole presentation pack certainly took our catalogue launch to the next level.”


Simon Price comments for the BoxcoUK team

“The box was created for an industrial environment, and had real thud factor (the weight made you feel you were getting something worth opening).  Inside the contents included everything for a good Coffee break, making the client think; Wow, All this from HTS and hey, time for a coffee!  The only thing missing was the armchair!”


Taking your brand higher and higher?

For highly effective training & marketing communications that Win more…Call BoxcoUK on 020 3011 0211 and arrange an appointment

For Industrial and Plant spares, contact HTS


Multi-matched Disruptive Marketing mail-piece impresses 651 New Clients for Rightmove, a massive 32.6% Response rate

Swopping flats, moving house, checking values?  We’ve all used Rightmove for property at some point, so it might come as news that even Rightmove have to attract new clients…

Despite knowing about Rightmove, some Estate Agents were still holding back from using the online property portal.  The challenge was to cut-through this resistance and communicate all the advantages of Rightmove.  As Marketing Agency, BalloonDog describes this was a ‘tough nut to crack’ and their ultimate objective for Rightmove was to recruit 550 new clients.

To really engage with the key audience BalloonDog, working on behalf of Rightmove, needed something eye-catching and memorable; something that had to be opened. 

With the help of BoxcoUK, this was made possible, with personalisation that carried through in five places.  The unbranded outer with location-specific one-line teaser was engineered to ensure opening.  Enclosed was personalised literature and a personalised ‘For Sale’ sign with compelling local statistics embedded in a garden fence.  This demonstrated the risk of ‘missing out’ on the power of listing property on Rightmove.

With the fear of ‘missing out’, demonstrated by relevant and compelling personalised information Rightmove achieved a massive 651 new prospects – out of 2000 personalised mailings.  This was a response rate of 32.6%, with a value to Rightmove of around £190,000 per month.


Ronnie Devine comments for the BoxcoUK team

“It’s this level of personalisation and attention to detail that really pays off.  The fulfilment was all in-house with the Account Manager on-hand to oversee it and ensure that the finished product was perfect.


We’re really excited with the outcome for Rightmove – Another fantastic result thanks to great branded presentation solutions – the 32% response rate speaks for itself and the amount of new business they achieved is simply phenomal.”


Wanting to make the Rightmove for your brand?

For highly effective training & marketing communications that Win more…

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Great to see our product getting onto the shelf!


Well spotted Adrian

On sale at John Lewis, in Oxford Street

Creative packaging for Liquor, designed to last the journey.

Whilst there might be other teams out there that have bulk packaging, in stock, on the shelf, we don’t.

At BoxcoUK, we think the first time packaging should be ‘off the shelf’ is when you reach for it in the shop.  That’s why we design and build packaging in sympathy with your brand.

We worked with Signet Seals on this packaging, visit to name, seal and build the brand.

Perhaps we can help you to get your products “off the shelf”?

Win more…Contact the team on 020 3011 0211, or send us a message Contact us


Bloom Gin packaging


Hassle free fulfilment, packaging and dispatch

We never said that planning a Marketing Campaign was easy, but choosing who to partner with (and to actually make it happen!) is really simple when your ideas are explained and aligned…  At BoxcoUK we have a mission for you to Win more, and that’s part of why every project that goes through has an Account Manager assigned.

Your Account Manager will personally be on site overseeing the packing, collation and distribution of your Marketing Campaign.  The benefit to you is peace of mind.  You can have confidence in our Complete Fulfilment service which carries through from concept to completion, design to dispatch, all under the same dedicated Project Management Team.

As part of the Complete Fulfilment Package, we can offer the following:

Automated labelling

Mailmerge from Excel/csv.

Hand-pick and pack

Collating and sorting

Decanting and re-packaging imported products

Storage and dispatch


To discuss this service further – please contact Ronnie Devine – Tel 020 3011 0211


Welcome pack for Revlon, launching the Nearly Naked range

The desire for coverage, unbelievable complexion and a refreshing look drove BoxcoUK to create this luxury presentation pack for Revlon.

Pressed powder…, Blends seamlessly… ‘Dare to wear’ was the fitting slogan that Beauty Seen PR used to launch the new makeup range so refreshingly light that it melts right in, creating a fresh, even look that only comes from Revlon.
Revlon 2Attention to detail

Perfecting the pack, BoxcoUK added edge stitching to the paper overboard pack, with magnetic closure and foam inlay which was cut to hold brushes & samples…  Pure luxury.


Mirror magic

Flush with the lid of the pack, recipients of the pack (Magazine Editors & Beauty Bloggers) were able to try for themselves and look in the mirror… straight away.




Charlie Ross, Senior Account Executive at Beauty Seen PR, comments

“This pack was engineered by BoxcoUK with a luxury finish that suited the Revlon Nearly Naked launch.  Overall, really happy with the outcome, would definitely recommend BoxcoUK for their creative ideas and attention to detail, Thanks.”


Ronnie Devine, comments from BoxcoUK

“A perfect example of a big brand (Revlon) launching a new product to an existing clientele, with very effective PR (Thanks to Beauty Seen).  Like a lot of the projects BoxcoUK gets involved in, it was highly creative and one-off.”


Is your care of clients only skin-deep?


We all know keeping clients is really important, and getting referrals is golden.  That’s why we’re here to help you win more of them… 3 more like your best.  Putting time and effort into marketing with real thud-factor and real ROI… Wow, that’s something to tweet about!  For highly effective training & marketing communications that Win more…  Call BoxcoUK on 020 3011 0211.

For help with fashion & beauty PR, visit Beauty Seen and for Revlon, visit


Enthusiasm, Passion and Flooring

Duraflor have a stand at CDW 2015…  and a brand new showroom at 47 Gee Street, London. (This bit’s staying!)

The Design Hub Clerkenwell Showroom opened this week, on Tuesday, and has been “very well received”, just along the road from the CDW festival (Clerkenwell Design Week)!

With designs from Metalicon, Formetiq, Creatif, V-Tec and Supawood ranges, the showroom at 47 Gee Street promises to be full of design, inspiration and practicality.


BoxcoUK produced the carpet samples on backing cards (pictured below) and delivered to site… in the nick of time.  Craig – they look great.


Why give out a welcome pack?

In your organization, do you focus on customer acquisition or customer retention?

Did you know?

An enquiry from an existing customer, has a 60 – 70% chance of becoming an order, in oppose to a new enquiry from a Google search with only a 20% chance of turning into an order.

Customer retention put simply is “maintaining existing customers”.

Maintaining a satisfied and loyal customer is all about their experience. We have all had good experience, and very good experience, and possibly some negatives which we prefer to forget about!

The internet is creating ever shorter buying cycles, with access to information and reviews helping decision makers to close on projects. Your opportunity for experience is being compressed into less time than ever. Even “first impressions” may be out of your immediate control. The first impression of your company may be a personal recommendation in a coffee shop, it may be your website, or your Linkedin profile. There’s a good chance that by the time you speak with the customer they have been convinced about you already!

So when you have finished a project or resolved their requirement with your product, give them a Welcome pack. Always expect to do business with them in the future. All your customers have a network of colleagues and contacts, and a Welcome pack will guarantee that they share their experience with their network, and become a promoter for your business.


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