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BoxcoUK make “The most valuable gift” for Nursing Hygiene Group

The Nursing Hygiene Group (NHG) have a culture of care and offer a sustainable long-term partnership for Healthcare establishments across the UK

It’s really important to them that the whole operation, of taking their relationship with a new client and a first appointment through to a successful working relationship is sleek, clean and professional.

Leaving the client with an overriding impression that NHG will be there when they need them. So that’s how they’ve come to using the Sales Presentation Pack for first appointments, built by BoxcoUK, from a range of promotional items that bed into a foam inlay that really spells care.

Overall, it delivers that strong message, throughout the industry, that NHG share a passion of care for the needs of disabled individuals to a standard that is conscientiously high.

Commenting on behalf of NHG, Garth Davey, Marketing Manager says

“We were very pleased with the finished product and were really impressed with BoxcoUK’s interpretation of our requirements and their attention to detail.”

Elspeth Devine, Production Manager at BoxcoUK adds

“This pack was really fun to see coming together. The creation is a collection of really good quality items giving an impressive overall ‘WOW!’ presentation.”

(The coaster in the NHG pack, which reads ‘The Most Valuable Gift’ can be personalised with the name of the new client that you are visiting, all from the comfort of your own office.)

Do you care about new clients? How professional do you want to appear to new clients? Dumb questions, eh? Whether it’s visiting a new client or launching a new product visit BoxcoUK.

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We are open until 12:00 noon on Wednesday 24th December 2014 and re-open on Monday 5th January 2015.  We appreciate your custom and look forward to working with you in 2015!

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We now own Kudos Giftwrap

Quality gift wrapping materials, available for next day delivery from UK stock

Kudos offers the complete solution for Retail Gift wrapping both for Instore and value-adding to online orders.

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24 Tasty Fresh-baked Mince Pies (individually wrapped) in a display box, with your company branding on

Win more…Great results promised!  This branded promotional item is designed to be quickly shared, leaving a great taste at the end of 2014.  Even clients with strict gift policies won’t resist this small gesture of thanks in the festive season, “It’s only a mince pie”!

Entire office celebration when they arrive!

Generous incentive for the whole office to share

All time favourite, tasty fresh baked mince pies

Ultimate brand space, all over the box

Leave a great taste in your customers mouth at the end of 2014

Mince Pie testimonials…

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing box of mince pies. They taste great.  Thanks very much for sending.”
PR Agency, London

“Yes thank you very much – they are delicious! The second layer has now also gone – Please send our compliments to the chef!  We hope to be in touch with 2014 enquiries soon.  We wish you much joy and happiness for the coming weeks.”
Marketing Agency, Bucks

“The mince pies went down a storm with everyone here!”
Marketing Agency, Middx

“Thanks very much and greatly appreciated.  Although there were a lot in the box, they didn’t last too long, arriving just in time for our morning coffee break.”
Ad Agency, Ireland

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for the box of mince pies I just received. They have been shared with my colleagues both in project management and in our studio, so the name has been spread far and wide.”
Ad Agency, London


BoxcoUK’s video-in-a-box technology ensures safe launch of the NEW Samsung KNOX 2-in-1 app with multi-layered android security

Samsung KNOX Workspace is a manageable, on-device mobile security system giving users complete peace of mind…

Launching the new device, Samsung with their agency Iris Worldwide used the new ‘TV-in-a-box’ concept to send a video to key potential users, with an info-graphic displaying the enhanced security features and advance to enterprise mobility, with the feature to keep both personal and business apps together on one safe device.

With hardware to software integrated security; real time monitoring and updates, this easy to use cloud-based manageability comes all in one place, and with the accreditation of the Defence department in the US who’ve trialled it – all thanks to Samsung.

The launch pack was an outer solid-black board box, which held only the slim TV card, a business card and a small fold out leaflet.
No clutter, just the video to watch.


Commenting on behalf of Iris, Guy Cain, Senior Production Manager says

“It was a big launch for Samsung – it needed high impact to high profile enterprises and global companies – reaching through to top decision makers.  The message we needed to get across was the security issues that companies face with their workforce out there using non-secure phones to hold critical company data, putting companies in great danger of cyber-threats. BoxcoUK put together the pack for us, and we were very pleased with the outcome.”


Simon Price from the Design Studio at BoxcoUK adds

“Incredibly effective as a marketing piece, this was a video-launch delivered right into the hands of the people that matter. The sleek, minimalist look was very “Samsung”; the plain black outer only added to the intrigue of opening the TV-in-a-box and getting the robust security feature across. We’re glad it worked for launching Samsung KNOX – overall a perfect example of disruptive marketing.”


What do you want your potential prospects to watch – whether it’s launching a new product to your Top clients, or training for your global Sales Team?  The TV-in-a-box reaches out where alternative marketing is lost.

For highly effective training & marketing communications that Win more… Call BoxcoUK on 020 3011 0211 and speak to Ronnie Devine

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Amazing what a packet of sweets turning up at the right time can do!

We’ve had great reactions with skittles but you can try anything…from Jelly tots to Jam Tarts…Something extra that the client wasn’t expecting!


Just to let you know that our box sample arrived this morning.
Thank you so much for organising and sending this (and thank you to whoever put the little packet of sweets in too, honestly brightened my day!!).  It has met with the approval of Josh, the studio director who is a hard man to please!  We are going to be putting all of it together this afternoon and will be back to you no later than the end of the week.  Once again, my biggest thanks.
Creative Manager, Agency, South West


By the way… Having already mentioned about the quick response and excellent supply of the samples yesterday, as I was taking them to the client, there was a rattle for the second box. Skittles. I did laugh. Brilliant touch.
Studio Director, Design Agency, West Sussex


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BoxcoUK produced fun & informative ‘special little package’ for (appliances on line) when they launched new Staff Benefits Package Appliances on line are more than just a white goods company.

As well as supplying Dishwashers, Washing Machines, Fridges & Freezers they also have an inspirational lifestyle blog for anything from recipes to interior design; online advice on home appliances and a careers helpline.  How more caring can you be?

In line with this strong company ethos of help & support they launched a new Staff Benefits Package across the team. Working with their design agency, Arena Creative, who came forward with the ‘little package’ concept, BoxcoUK helped to produce a desk drop that would land on the desks of every single member of staff.

The result was so successful that a sister company, Expert Logistics, used the same concept a couple of months later.


Martin, Director & Founder of Arena Creative comments

“This was a time critical project for AO – there was a deadline to meet in communicating their new Staff Benefits Package. I think BoxcoUK coped really well with that. 


Overall the launch was very successful and AO were very pleased with it.  The ‘new package’ went down very well.  The fact that another company in the same group chose to use the concept, to communicate with their staff, speaks for itself.”


Ronnie from BoxcoUK adds

“This was a fantastic example of how simple it can be to communicate a message really well – simple in design – this Desk-Drop has proved to be incredibly effective in delivery.”


How will you communicate with your staff?  For highly effective training & marketing communications that Win more…Call BoxcoUK on 020 3011 0211

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We now offer quality printed tissue paper to give your brand that elite, classy feel & finish.

Luxury bespoke & branded Tissue Paper now available, including complete stock-managed solutions (we hold your stock for call off by the stores)


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Thanks for coming to MWL2014

We now want Results for YOU!  Marketing Week live was a couple of weeks back at Olympia in London…  We enjoyed talking about Disruptive Marketing, Sample Presentation, PR and Media Packs, Desk Drops, New Client & Membership Packs,  Fast Lead Times, Complete fulfilment, here in London.


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To everyone who made it: Thanks for coming… Sorry if you didn’t (this was our strap line)

We exhibited last month at MWL2014 (Marketing Week Live) – 25th & 26th June.  To those of you who visited the show – Good to meet you… We hope you enjoyed ‘polishing off’ the chocolate!

For those of you who got stuck in the office, we wanted to share with you some of the fun we had on Stand D250 (particularly with our unique Exhibition roll-alongs on the 2nd day) at Marketing Week Live, Olympia Grand.














































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We’re all excited about Marketing Week Live!

Exhibiting at Stand D250 TODAY & TOMORROW, Wednesday 25th & Thursday 26th June

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Visiting the Exhibition: Olympia Grand, Hammersmith Road, London W14 8UX

Opening Times: Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th, 9.30am – 5.30pm both days


Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet the team.

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Exhibition at
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Award-Winning Drug-awareness Game for Haringey Council…

BoxcoUK worked with Exposure to manufacture award-winning “Trail Blaze” board game… Exposure is a youth media organisation

Established in 1996, Exposure is a charitable enterprise assisting vulnerable and disadvantaged young people to thrive in all areas of media, advertising and publishing.

The game was produced for Haringey Council – who came up with the concept of designing a board game to teach young people about drugs.

The Trail Blaze Knowledge Game won the National Communicating Youth Justice Award for best promotional work…


Luke, Designer at Exposure Organisation says

“This project often gets picked out. I think because it’s fun and looks interesting. It was really good working on it.Exposure were approached by Haringey Youth Offending Service with a plan for a Cannabis Knowledge board game. We designed everything from the packaging to the board and counter stickers. We also ran it through testing to optimise playability and we used BoxcoUK to help when it came to sourcing and managing the production. Thanks Boxco.”

Elspeth from Production, comments on behalf of the BoxcoUK team

“We worked alongside Exposure to produce the Trail Blaze game, giving advice on board-type and inks.  Our team has a lot of experience now when it comes to producing high-end creative projects. Knowing what to use and how to use it saves time and extra cost involved in using the wrong materials.This was a knowledge game for a council teaching adolescents, we’ve done other board games designed for training staff.”


What game will you play? For highly effective marketing communications that win more
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And for youth design, Visit Exposure


Giftwrap and tissue paper, bespoke to your brand

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