May 2015


Welcome pack for Revlon, launching the Nearly Naked range

The desire for coverage, unbelievable complexion and a refreshing look drove BoxcoUK to create this luxury presentation pack for Revlon.

Pressed powder…, Blends seamlessly… ‘Dare to wear’ was the fitting slogan that Beauty Seen PR used to launch the new makeup range so refreshingly light that it melts right in, creating a fresh, even look that only comes from Revlon.
Revlon 2Attention to detail

Perfecting the pack, BoxcoUK added edge stitching to the paper overboard pack, with magnetic closure and foam inlay which was cut to hold brushes & samples…  Pure luxury.


Mirror magic

Flush with the lid of the pack, recipients of the pack (Magazine Editors & Beauty Bloggers) were able to try for themselves and look in the mirror… straight away.




Charlie Ross, Senior Account Executive at Beauty Seen PR, comments

“This pack was engineered by BoxcoUK with a luxury finish that suited the Revlon Nearly Naked launch.  Overall, really happy with the outcome, would definitely recommend BoxcoUK for their creative ideas and attention to detail, Thanks.”


Ronnie Devine, comments from BoxcoUK

“A perfect example of a big brand (Revlon) launching a new product to an existing clientele, with very effective PR (Thanks to Beauty Seen).  Like a lot of the projects BoxcoUK gets involved in, it was highly creative and one-off.”


Is your care of clients only skin-deep?


We all know keeping clients is really important, and getting referrals is golden.  That’s why we’re here to help you win more of them… 3 more like your best.  Putting time and effort into marketing with real thud-factor and real ROI… Wow, that’s something to tweet about!  For highly effective training & marketing communications that Win more…  Call BoxcoUK on 020 3011 0211.

For help with fashion & beauty PR, visit Beauty Seen and for Revlon, visit


Enthusiasm, Passion and Flooring

Duraflor have a stand at CDW 2015…  and a brand new showroom at 47 Gee Street, London. (This bit’s staying!)

The Design Hub Clerkenwell Showroom opened this week, on Tuesday, and has been “very well received”, just along the road from the CDW festival (Clerkenwell Design Week)!

With designs from Metalicon, Formetiq, Creatif, V-Tec and Supawood ranges, the showroom at 47 Gee Street promises to be full of design, inspiration and practicality.


BoxcoUK produced the carpet samples on backing cards (pictured below) and delivered to site… in the nick of time.  Craig – they look great.


Why give out a welcome pack?

In your organization, do you focus on customer acquisition or customer retention?

Did you know?

An enquiry from an existing customer, has a 60 – 70% chance of becoming an order, in oppose to a new enquiry from a Google search with only a 20% chance of turning into an order.

Customer retention put simply is “maintaining existing customers”.

Maintaining a satisfied and loyal customer is all about their experience. We have all had good experience, and very good experience, and possibly some negatives which we prefer to forget about!

The internet is creating ever shorter buying cycles, with access to information and reviews helping decision makers to close on projects. Your opportunity for experience is being compressed into less time than ever. Even “first impressions” may be out of your immediate control. The first impression of your company may be a personal recommendation in a coffee shop, it may be your website, or your Linkedin profile. There’s a good chance that by the time you speak with the customer they have been convinced about you already!

So when you have finished a project or resolved their requirement with your product, give them a Welcome pack. Always expect to do business with them in the future. All your customers have a network of colleagues and contacts, and a Welcome pack will guarantee that they share their experience with their network, and become a promoter for your business.


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Thanks for choosing to fly with us

This Marketing Week live we launched our Welcome Packs for New Clients, New Sponsors, New Members, New Students, New business…  For those of you who visited the show, it was good to meet you.


To contact a member of the team, simply use the email addresses that came out on the book mark, with the new catalogue.