April 2014


Exploring Pancake Possibilities with Warburtons, Britain’s Favourite Bakery

Discover what Kelly the Domestic Goddesque, Jenny at the Gingerbread House, Emily Foran, Angela Cheung, Helen on Crazy Kitchen, Cheryl on Madhouse Family Reviews, Pippa and Eileen Teo (ETS), have all been blogging about …  Playing ‘Pure Imagination’ from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and jam-packed with ingredients to perform Warburtons Pancake Possibilities, this PR piece blew up a storm of pancake blogging in time for Shrove Tuesday with a pack that literally popped pancakes, off each corner …!

Popcorn staged the design and BoxcoUK set about the inner workings to cut the frame for all the ingredients, the spinning wheel and the popping pancakes, sprung loaded and tethered from the corners.  The finished product was a work of art, produced at breakneck speed, robust enough to deliver ‘From our Family to Yours’ across the country, keeping followers of Mumsnet and other domestic (family orientated) blogging sites busy talking pancakes.


To quote Jenny, Mum-blogger at the Gingerbread House…

“My children absolutely loved opening the Magic Pancake Box which played Pure Imagination from the original Charlie and the Chocolate Factory film every time the lid was opened. The box was a very special full sensory fun packed pancake kit, which helped keep my children entertained during half term and also gave us some new ideas ahead of Pancake Day on March 4th”


Recipes included Chilli Jam & Lime, Granola & Shaved Coconut, Dried Banana & Cinnamon, Chocolate & Popping Candy, Feta Cheese & Mint Leaves, Marmite & Mascarpone and Pancetta & Pistachio…all served up on a Warburtons Pancake!


Mateusz of Popcorn Design comments

“Everyone that has had their box so far loves it!  Warburtons are getting a brilliant response.  We commissioned BoxcoUK to design the inner workings of the Pancake Possibilities pack, an idea we could only dream of beforehand – Thanks again for all your hard work!”


Colin from the Design Team at BoxcoUK

“This was a PR stunt, a pack that popped pancakes and sang ‘Pure Imagination’ every time you opened it.  This pack was distributed to a selection of active bloggers.  Going forward, a marketing piece that talks (or sings, or plays a video) every time you open it, is something that I can see there’s going to be a lot more call for.  People want something to hold, talk about, send round the office, blog & tweet about.”


For great ideas and highly effective marketing communications that work, call BoxcoUK on 020 3011 0211 and speak to Ronnie Devine or for delicious bakery all year round visit Warburtons www.warburtons.co.uk


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