April 2016


Compact and ready to personalise for the new prospective client, an inspiring message delivered with chocolate… Expect results!

Woodhouse had a familiar life-could-be-better story… “All we need is more clients, just like our best client”… A way to target new prospective clients, get them thinking about an office refurb, ahead of the event, and keeping them away from the competition. What we needed was something direct, personalised, with a friendly approach.  That’s how the Drop-in Pack was first briefed.

What soon became clear was that their top-notch prospectives were working in adjacent offices to their current clients, the floor above, the floor below.

When we designed this pack for Woodhouse, more business from next door meant that when one of the team was making a site visit they could easily take 5-10 packs out with them, walk into the Reception above and below where they are working, and ask for the best contact, write this on the front of the Drop-in pack (there’s a space designed for it) and the pack would be guaranteed to be in the right place, for the right person.  Really targeted, really effective.

The pack itself is small but won’t be missed. On the outside it says Here’s a little of what we do… and the word Taste which reads well both referring to the contents and what Woodhouse delivers in terms of tasteful design.

Inside there’s the mission statement and a testimonial to their great delivery – on time, on budget – space for a bar of Montezuma’s chocolate, a Z-card showing past projects, and a clear call to action.


Matthew Cooper, Director of Business Development at Woodhouse Workspace, comments,

“Woodhouse are really pleased with the drop-in packs provided by BoxcoUK. From initial brief to finished article, they were excellent. We required a product that caught people’s attention, was small, but got prospects to pick up the phone and this is what BoxcoUK produced.  We still have a requirement for these boxes years later!”


Ronnie Devine, Customer Experience Manager at BoxcoUK, comments

“Good news Matthew! I believe one of the secrets to the success of this pack is being able to personalise it to the recipient.  People love being given something just for them with their name on. Marketing fails to impress with incorrect spelling or old data, but these are designed for everyone in the team to be approaching new clients, on friendly first name terms, making it an easy obvious choice for new clients to make contact.”

Simple, direct, effective… Who’s next door when you visit your client?
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