August 2016


Built to showcase hearing aid solutions, the Phonak presenter was a masterpiece in itself

Phonak’s mission is to reconnect it’s niche audience with the beauty of sound.
From Sky-V hearing aids in 16 colours to wireless hearing aids controlled from your phone the innovation that Phonak provides, means sufferers now lead fuller lives.

Yes – you heard right.  Thanks to modern technology and innovation, high quality standards and industry-leading expertise, Phonak is able to continuously deliver the best solution for hearing.

The presentation pack designed by BoxcoUK showcased the newest hearing solutions and had brochures, CD and mock framed certificate neatly placed inside.


Ronnie Devine, Customer Experience Manager at BoxcoUK, comments

The pack was made for the Sales team to present at the coal-face, visiting clients.  It provides something tangible for the Sales people to show and talk about as well as for the clients to engage with the brand and learn about Phonak and what they do for people with hearing difficulties.


In today’s world it’s no longer about having a great product with excellent design, delivered on time etc., people want to hear the story and experience being part of a community, buying from a great company, with a fantastic brand, and belonging to the culture that comes from owning it.


The presentation case designed for Phonak is tangible and a great way to demonstrate a living brand that engenders a vibrant community of previously impaired people whose lives have been changed, all thanks to Phonaks unique hearing pieces, “Life is on”.


Do you have difficulty in making yourself heard?

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