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WindowsLightShot Free Simple Screenshot Tool is a smooth, simple, and free screenshot program that lets you take screenshots on your computer. This tool was developed by Skillbrains and has become a good alternative to the Print Screen (Prt Sc) button. With LightShot, you can quickly upload your downloaded files to multiple social networking websites and save LightShot downloads, without having to open a third -party image editing tool to work with screenshots. The seamless voice recorder comes with a built -in image editor, fast sharing and other useful features. Keep in mind that you need an account to share files over the Internet. However, compared to AMCap, Lightscreen and Snagit, these tools are much better (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); How is the interface? LightShot has a simple and intuitive interface that focuses on a single screen layout. In the selection area you will see all the available functions and tools. To edit images, you have access to shapes, text, markers, colors, arrows and more. The program has options for sharing and saving, such as printing, social network sharing, uploading to the cloud and more. Everything in this tool can be controlled from the main window. After downloading the software, the executable file will not appear on the desktop, instead you will find the tool as a hidden program in the taskbar. This way, you don’t have to access the screenshots folder to create screenshots, which is quite popular with users to download, save and capture screen features easily. In fact, you can take several screenshots one at a time without pressing the button repeatedly. Most screenshots do not have this plug -in pre -installed, you can easily check the entire history of screenshots after creating an account on the official website of the developer. It acts as a complete gallery to keep track of you, the interface of the program is suitable for beginners and technicians. As for usage, there is nothing complicated in downloading LightShot. Is this a reliable, efficient and fast tool for taking screenshots in Windows using LightShot? If you want to save the screen to your computer, using this tool will be an easy process. Just press the Prt Sc button to activate the software. When the “Zone selection” command appears next to the cursor, the screen dims. You need to click and drag the cursor to the selected screenshot, the screen saver will open the image in the built -in editor. To exit the selection or editor, can you press Ctrl + X, Esc or Close in the lower right corner of the screen? LightShot has a basic image editor with some useful features. It can be found to the right of the highlighted or highlighted area. You have access to three shapes to add to the screenshot. These include rectangles, lines and arrows. With the help of a marker or pen you can draw the shape of any shape on your computer screen, you can enter a text box to enter uniform text. Unfortunately, this program has no formatting options. With the color picker, you can see the color wheel and default settings. Finally, there is a “Cancel” button to correct any errorsor with the help of the LightShot graphic editor provides access to several other features. It is located at the bottom of the selected or selected area. With this feature, you can share screenshots on social media, upload them, print images, search for similar images on Google, save images offline, duplicate images, and follow other steps. Download functionality creates a shared connection that is easy and fast to use. With it, you can also save images instantly to the gallery. It’s important to note that LightShot doesn’t allow you to download screenshots illegally, or to use LightShot for features like PC Screen Capture, you don’t need a third-party program to share screenshots. The tool supports several social networks and image storage websites to share images with friends, colleagues and family. In addition, the fast charging process of the screen recording device becomes easy for low bandwidth with the PC Screen Capture function, the program has a function to find similar images. This allows you to find images similar to the screenshot on Google. This is a unique addition that you will not find in other free screenshots. The ease of use of this program is not limited to software. The development team has launched various browser extensions for Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Does this facilitate access to and use of features with some drawbacks? You cannot record video with LightShot. This is one of the biggest drawbacks of this program. Also, if you want to take a full screenshot, you have to go through a pop -up option. However, a hot key combination is preferable. Editing tools are also basic, and to delete an image on the official website, you need to contact customer support to take a screenshot. LightShot is a lightweight program that lets you capture screens on a computer easily. With one click, this screenshot program lets you take a screenshot, save it to your computer or share a file online. The only drawback is the lack of settings. Keep in mind that Skillbrains regularly sends updates, providing hardware fixes and interface improvements.


Fast Video Cataloger 8 download free torrent
Fast Video Cataloger 8

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Fast Video Cataloger 8

Fast Video Cataloger 8

Fast Video Cataloger is a professional Windows video software to search, browse and organize digital video files Search, browse, find and play all your video files quickly and easily. Fast Video Attorney is the fastest local video content management system for Windows PCs. Don’t take our word for it, test our video software on your own video files. You can download the fully functional program for free without providing an email address. Installation is client-only and does not require IT support to configure the server. You can take the test in less than 3 minutes.

With Fast Video Cataloger, you

Automatically index all your videos and save hours

Always find scenes and videos you are looking for

Jump to the right scene via video thumbnails

Visually browse your archived video files

Enrich your videos and scenes with metadata, images and keywords

Instantly find scenes in your videos

Fast Video Cataloger automatically creates evenly spaced thumbnails for each track so you can quickly browse large collections of video clips on your computer. You can organize all your videos effortlessly. We support video clips on your computer, external hard drives, flash drives, DVDs, Dropbox. You can easily search, browse and track all your videos even if the devices containing the video files are disconnected because you are on the go

Find the right scenes quickly

Browse your videos quickly and smartly. Quick Video Catalog supports multiple ways to find your video or scene in large collections.

Playing video thumbnails

Quick Video Cataloger has a built-in video player that can play videos from the moment a thumbnail is captured.

Video file archive

Fast Video Cataloger makes archived videos searchable and searchable with thumbnails and keywords while storing raw files remotely.

Flexible video keywords

Video and scene keywords support your workflow, strengthen your team, and accelerate your video work.

Customize with scripts

Fast Video Attorney supports built-in C# scripts. Customize the program or use it as a base to create your own video solutions. The installer includes examples to get you started, as well as extensive API documentation.

Grow with custom metadata

Add custom metadata to videos and customize your catalogs. Companies using Fast Video Cataloger often need to store certain company-specific metadata along with the video. You can now add additional fields to your catalog and save personal metadata with your video. Custom data is also available through the script interface.

Photos from the contact page

Printable and shareable contact page images classify your videos for discussions, presentations and notes.

Requirements: 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows, Windows 10, Windows 11