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Was this the scariest October ever?

The #HARIBOShareTheScare Halloween pack was a haunting PR piece designed to scare at every turn with creaks and screams.  Sent to Bloggers across the Net, to boost Haribo sales at Halloween.  What started out with a white sheet, became a full blown horror story delivered.


Spooktastic delicious yummy sweets!

As the front of the pack was opened like a creaking door, so the scary sweets were revealed, then a delay before a Ghost said “Boo”… The recipients reacted with a sweep of social content across the net, from Mum’s who cooked Halloween cookies and decorated them with Haribo, to Haribo fans who were going to share them (or so they said!) but at least they shared them on social.

We’re all ready for our ‘Trick or Treat’ callers this Halloween thanks to Haribo – We’ve got some Yummy little treats to hand out – wrote Christine – Mummy of 3 Diaries; Spooktastic delicious yummy sweets! wrote ET (Eileen Teo from home), “My fave kind of PR packages!” wrote Con Con @Nagginsnnotions, Thank you Haribo UK for our amazing #HARIBOShareTheScare box Bring on the Trick or treating! – best Magazine on Facebook.


Just see what Grace at “Eats Amazing” performed with the pack




#HARIBOShareTheScare on Twitter


The Brick Castle got it!




#HARIBOShareTheScare on Facebook


#HARIBOShareTheScare on Instagram


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