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From an exhibition last month…

Ronnie & Elspeth visited All4pack Paris exhibition last month, and found a bunch of new creations for our clients.  We hope you enjoy them too.

A new round box packaging from as few as 1000, available in a range of sizes, colours and branding.  Option to include clear windows and castellated tops.

Perfect retail packaging for gifts, candles, and other items.


A Kraft brown disposable rucksack – you could call it a solution looking for a problem!  With MOQs in the region of 3000, and produced from part recycled material this could make heads turn at a University or student event.

If you know of any brown paper backpackers send them this way! – Not suitable for liquids!


A stand made entirely from pallets, with a table and chairs built in!

There’s more to do with pallets than just creating kindling wood… If you ever wondered what you could do with old pallets, see the link below:

15 Creative uses for Wood Pallets https://www.simplemost.com/15-creative-uses-wood-pallets/


Making a box that feels like a piece of furniture…

Paper over board has been superseded by paper over MDF.  This makes a very rigid box with more weight and very smooth corners.  Unfortunately these are not produced yet in the UK so lead time will be extended for development and production, but this creates a box that feels like a piece of furniture.  They can be made to size and branded as required. MOQ 1000 pieces.



Whoever thought of incorporating the bag handles into the design for this upmarket Optician?  Very creative on the High street, to make shoppers look twice.



Helpful tip on visiting exhibitions

Take pictures of the stands that you found interesting.  Then on return to the office, store the pictures, and when you want to go back to the suppliers, just run through the files, and it all comes back to mind.  Then simply Google the Company details.  So if you’re wondering what to do with that bag of brochures under your desk from the last exhibition – recycle them!

Ronnie Devine




Welcome Daniel and Jim

Jim Nash joined us in February on Sales, and Daniel Halms joined us in July running Warehouse Operations.  Both have been invaluable team players.  Jim has been round visiting a number of new and existing clients and Daniel has cleaned up our warehouse – now it shines (quite literally!).


Secure tags, 10 reasons why

1. For Brand Authentication

A product sold with your brand on the tag will ensure its authenticity.

2. For Brand Loyalty

The more consistent the brand and the more times that the consumer sees it, the more likely they are to recognise it again.

3. For building a brand that delivers Support & Aftercare

Products have the stamp of genuine care as customers purchase a garment or product with the tag still securely in place.

4. For Security

The tag stays in place until it reaches the consumer, if not returns are null & void.

5. For Colour

Build your branded tag in your own Pantone colour.

6. For Value-adding

The perception is that if you’ve tagged a product it’s worth more.

7. For a Voice

Using your brand voice, “Hi fans” or “Hello friends”, there’s space here to add some text that will build up the message you send to a growing client base.

8. For Quality

If your warehouse and processes have been quality assessed, this is a way of spreading the word, and increasing the return on investment on the Quality standard.

9. For Street appeal

This has to do with the colour and design of the tag, to help your product stick out.

10. For a Competitive edge

If your competition do not have a Secure tag, here’s your ultimate leg-up!  Grab the idea quick and give your brand the edgy extra.


And if you can think of an 11th reason, or want a quote, feel free to contact us!

By email business@boxcouk.com or phone 020 3011 0211


Dear Clients & Friends,

As you will be aware, a new privacy law comes into effect on Friday 25th May, in the form of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679.  These new laws are a huge positive step in controlling the use of personal data, and here at BoxcoUK we are committed to ensuring the ongoing protection of the data you provide us with.

To request a copy of our new policy please send us a message from our Contact us page.

We would like to reassure you that BoxcoUK have not, and will not, ever sell or use your data in an unauthorised way.



Added to this we don’t want to annoy you by emailing to check it’s ok to email.


As part of our mailing list you will occasionally (approx. once a month) receive information on new and exciting marketing ideas, and all-important company and industry news.

We can’t promise that every email will be relevant to your department, because we work with a diverse range of clients across Marketing, HR and other Management teams, so the relevance of our marketing ideas will vary massively across the audience we serve.

Unsubscribing is very easy, so feel free to hop on & off, depending when you want to be reminded of us.  Likewise, if you have previously unsubscribed but would like to receive email-marketing again, feel free to subscribe here:


Click here to Subscribe again


What we definitely haven’t changed is our ability to listen to you, so if for any reason you’d like to clarify your privacy with us; or you need some advice on your next Marketing Campaign, Welcome Pack, new Product packaging ideas etc. then please contact us on 020 3011 0211.


Meet Jim

New in Sales… We didn’t say “New to Sales” – Jim has been in a Sales role for 33 years, and sold everything from gloves to glue, coats to calendars!  Wow.

A warm welcome to Jim Nash from the Boxco team!



Tell us what you think…

Calling clients from the last 3 years…Review our the products & services

Click here for your chance to speak!

(and thank you, in advance of any testimonials left)


Thanks to our clients support…

Thanks to being in business this year we have been able to give to the following charities:

The Red Cross Ebola Appeal

Royal National Institute of Blind People

Macmillan Cancer Support

Cancer Research UK

Nepal Earthquake Appeal

British Heart Foundation

Great Ormond Street


Marie Curie

Rapid Relief Team


The European Refugee Crisis


New Website, Mobile enabled

We’re pleased to be sending this live after a long design period and would like to apologise for the decay of the old website, whilst you waited for this one.  If there’s anything we can help you find on our website, anything you’re missing, please do not hesitate to contact us.


We look forward to helping You Win more… With our full range of branded packaging & presentation services

* Bespoke Promotional Products: New Client Welcome Packs
* Innovative Disruptive Marketing Communications
* Complete Fulfilment in-house with Account Manager to oversee
* Storage and despatch facility from London
* Unique Product Packaging for High End Luxury Products
* Point of Sale & Display, Bespoke Solutions
* Retail Presentation Materials for Instore & Online
* Custom-made Stationery Products including Presentation Binders

BoxcoUK make “The most valuable gift” for Nursing Hygiene Group

The Nursing Hygiene Group (NHG) have a culture of care and offer a sustainable long-term partnership for Healthcare establishments across the UK

It’s really important to them that the whole operation, of taking their relationship with a new client and a first appointment through to a successful working relationship is sleek, clean and professional.

Leaving the client with an overriding impression that NHG will be there when they need them. So that’s how they’ve come to using the Sales Presentation Pack for first appointments, built by BoxcoUK, from a range of promotional items that bed into a foam inlay that really spells care.

Overall, it delivers that strong message, throughout the industry, that NHG share a passion of care for the needs of disabled individuals to a standard that is conscientiously high.

Commenting on behalf of NHG, Garth Davey, Marketing Manager says

“We were very pleased with the finished product and were really impressed with BoxcoUK’s interpretation of our requirements and their attention to detail.”

Elspeth Devine, Production Manager at BoxcoUK adds

“This pack was really fun to see coming together. The creation is a collection of really good quality items giving an impressive overall ‘WOW!’ presentation.”

(The coaster in the NHG pack, which reads ‘The Most Valuable Gift’ can be personalised with the name of the new client that you are visiting, all from the comfort of your own office.)

Do you care about new clients? How professional do you want to appear to new clients? Dumb questions, eh? Whether it’s visiting a new client or launching a new product visit BoxcoUK.

For highly effective training & marketing communications that
Win more…Call BoxcoUK on 020 3011 0211 and arrange an appointment for January or visit www.boxcouk.com

And for the Nursing Hygiene Group visit www.nursinghygiene.com