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Amazing what a packet of sweets turning up at the right time can do!

We’ve had great reactions with skittles but you can try anything…from Jelly tots to Jam Tarts…Something extra that the client wasn’t expecting!


Just to let you know that our box sample arrived this morning.
Thank you so much for organising and sending this (and thank you to whoever put the little packet of sweets in too, honestly brightened my day!!).  It has met with the approval of Josh, the studio director who is a hard man to please!  We are going to be putting all of it together this afternoon and will be back to you no later than the end of the week.  Once again, my biggest thanks.
Creative Manager, Agency, South West


By the way… Having already mentioned about the quick response and excellent supply of the samples yesterday, as I was taking them to the client, there was a rattle for the second box. Skittles. I did laugh. Brilliant touch.
Studio Director, Design Agency, West Sussex


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