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Are you ready to ship goods into the UK for packing and onward shipment to Europe?

“Hello this is Jay from the States, We’re launching our new Dietary supplement products to help weight loss over in the UK and European markets and we need some packaging, can you help?”… That’s how our Lean Packaging solution started… The answer was “yes” as usual.


Visalus Sciences had been a roaring success in the USA, with a meal replacement diet system, driven through social media, making losing weight ever more fashionable, challenging and fun.  Promoted through personal recommendation, and with great rewards for weight loss, they have supplied more than 10,000 BMWs (literally!) to their top promoters.


The transit packaging was produced by BoxcoUK and delivered to Central distribution units in France, UK and the Netherlands.  So when it came to the Challenge Starter kit, BoxcoUK took care of the design and manufacture.  A weight off their shoulders for the Body by Vi team at Visalus Sciences.


Have you got a great product, and want to gain entry to European markets, without the time or expertise to organise delivery?

  • Save money by shipping in bulk internationally
  • Outer Packaging designed & produced in the UK to local standards
  • Entry to European market, through the UK
  • From the UK it’s only 1 or 2 hour difference in the time zone, to liase onward shipment to countries around Europe


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