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For best impact: What to give and who to?

The Christmas gift story begins with the desire to give to people who’ve helped you along the way this year.  For smaller businesses this can be quickly seen to with a few crates of beer or chocolates off the supermarket shelf, but for businesses growing a brand, it’s time to sit down and think about your clients and how they will feel receiving a gift from you.  The warm fuzzy feeling going on around giving has got to fit with your brand.


To make it simple, you shouldn’t pick gifts that conflict with your brand and what it stands for.


To make it simple, you shouldn’t pick gifts that conflict with your brand.  If your brand is all about Health and Well-being, you probably wouldn’t select Chocolates and Wine.  Why ever not?  Because these foods are, sadly, associated with indulgence and excessive eating.


Selecting who to give to… We always recommend including your team members (whether they know about the Christmas gift idea or not, it will still be a surprise that they’re included in receiving it) along with your Top Customers and Top Suppliers.  These 3 stakeholders, or whatever you like to call them, are supremely responsible for keeping your business up & running.  Remember them, at least once a year.

And on this point, it doesn’t have to be at Christmas, some companies are now jogging the gift into January, to keep it separate from the overdose of gifting that comes at Christmas.  That said you don’t want the gift to look as though it’s a last minute idea, or purchased only in the sale, and potentially lose impact.


Really your gift should epitomise your brand.

Are you known to be generous, crazy, funny, fast, innovative? Is your brand smart/sleek/chic and brilliantly mod or a steady/seclusive/mature/luxurious commodity?


Really your gift should epitomise your brand.  For this you need to think about how others see your brand.  Are you known to be generous, crazy, funny, fast, innovative?  Is your brand smart/sleek/chic and brilliantly mod or a steady/seclusive/mature/luxurious commodity?

Then think about your customers, what gift is fitting for them personally (consider – would they actually use this?) and are there any gifts that would get turned away.  Some companies do have strong gifting policies in place, preventing potential bribery in the form of “gifts” in exchange for contracts, even enforcing staff to return gifts or request that they are collected (making for an embarrassing phone call, instead of a pleasant thanks).

This is where the Mince pie pack has proved popular because it’s a fun and non-offensive office sharer, sits by the coffee machine and everyone gets one.  (We firmly believe it beats most of the list below for originality and share-ability!)

Another thing, where we use the term “Top” Customer – this refers to people who have placed bigger orders with you.  The gift should really be proportionate to orders placed.  In the case of Customers or Suppliers, you need to be thinking about the contacts and companies where you want to strengthen the relationship for longevity.  Which companies are core to your business, and which companies do you want to keep your brand front of mind into the future.

Back to the topic of “What to give”…  Anyone can use Google, but we believe the Top favourites list is covered off well with the list below.


Top Christmas Giveaways for Corporate companies

  1. Chocolates
  2. Wine
  3. Hampers
  4. Plants
  5. Notebooks
  6. Calendars
  7. Phone charger
  8. Pens
  9. Mugs
  10. Bobble hats


For more advice on promoting your brand through on-brand gifting (What to gift and What not to gift!), reach out to our team of expert advisers on 020 3011 0211, or via our Contact us page.

Merry Xmassive!

A BlackCore bottle box with the company brand die cut to the side.

A fine Bone china branded mug, packed carefully in bright green tissue in a fully branded presentation box. First impressions count.

Blue Frog Christmas card...delivers a tasty message 'Most Christmas cards ain’t worth a Daim but we've taken Timeout to send a card full of Bounty for you to Chomp on...'


The Sweetie Cubes that tickle taste buds

You can’t beat sweet-treats for a branded giveaway, and the Sweetie Cube is no exception.

A quirky invention for maximising your marketing, these Sweetie Cubes appeal to kids & adults alike.  The box relaxes to become like a tray when the lid is taken off, with all over space for branding.


The box becomes a tray when the lid is taken off

Boxes supplied made up and sweet wrappers can be brand-matched.


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Introducing our sister company, Kudos Giftwrap

Are you being disappointed by long delivery times?

Don’t be!

We’re happy to introduce our sister company, Kudos Giftwrap.  Kudos has a stock range of Giftwrap & accessories available for all your gift packaging needs.

It’s an out of the box solution, to deliver your gifts to clients this Christmas.

We know that long lead times at this time of year (end November) means that some companies can’t have their corporate gifts wrapped and delivered in the way in which Marketing teams have designed them.

For a lastminute.com fix, try Kudos Giftwrap who have a range of giftwrapping solutions that look great, with short leadtimes on stock ranges.



The Ultimate Office Sharer, and a gifting solution for Small-to-Medium-size Enterprizes!

Enter the 12-pack Mince Pie Promo… NEW PDF DOWNLOAD WITH ORDER INFO

To join our already popular 24-pack, you can now choose which size best suits your clientele.

Along with this change, we also have new dates for 2018 which bring delivery sooner (now 3rd week of November), giving you longer to deliver your Christmas gifts to your top clients and friends.


Why choose the 12-pack?

  • Less is more, some of your best clients may now be operating within a smaller team
  • Smaller budget, which you can spread further to impact on more clients
  • Watch Accounts grow by rewarding customers who have spent less with you, but have the potential to spend a lot more
  • Enables sending 1 pack per breakout area
  • Keep the weight down – Some of your clients will thank you!


Why choose the 24-pack?

  • Ultimate thud-factor
  • Super generous
  • Great for bigger teams / site offices / clubs
  • Bigger area to brand




Christmas comes even earlier this year, as we introduce the box of 12 Mince pies, branded


Our popular Mince Pies are back, and this time there’s the option to order in boxes of 12, for those brands targeting a smaller section of clients.

Branded as before, with your company details, these branded boxes of Mince Pies are the Ultimate Office Sharer, and a sure recipe for getting your name talked about by happy and satisfied clients.

Put a mark in the sand, or snow(!), and secure yours now for Christmas 2018.


Ordering now, will mean:

✔ You receive reminders later in the year re. artwork, delivery and payment

✔ Your gift list for Christmas 2018 is sorted

✔ Happy customers – the best form of gaining repeat business



All you have to do is email our Sales team to ensure you don’t miss out on your very own branded mince pie boxes, “the Ultimate Office Sharer” for your clients this Christmas business@boxcouk.com



Sweet treats are always a success, but there’s a few things to watch as well as your waist line…!

We’ve found that any promotion with food gains more traction than without!!  Even with our monthly emails, if they have a foody Subject heading, the clicks go up.  From our experience of helping clients pack their marketing message alongside a foody give-away, and sticking mainly to sweets and chocolate, here’s a few of the pitfalls:

1. Best-before dates
Really you need to be thinking more in terms of when will your sweet-treat look it’s best, and how to deliver it so it does reach your target audience in its best condition.  This isn’t just about standard best-before dates, it’s about protecting it’s route all the way from the supplier through to final consumption!

2. Food becoming tainted by print
You need to consider whether the sweet-treat could be tainted in any way by coming into close contact for an extended period of time – chocolates in silver or paper wrappers (not fully sealed) is the worst example for this.  Whether it’s coming in close contact with fresh print in the packaging or whether it’s tainted from other printed items it’s packed in with.  Sometimes it is a long time between goods being packed and when they are discovered and enjoyed.  Generally fruity flavoured sweets are fine, but chocolate is not!

We recommend that the time between goods being packed and the time they are delivered (to the consumer) is 3-5 days – so if you’re sending chocolate you need to arrange for a one-off campaign to be packed and sent in a very short space of time.

Alternatively there are ways to seal the sweets or the packaging to avoid tainting.

3. Sending out as a Campaign, or one by one?
We recommend a campaign for a number of reasons – for one it makes it easier to track the success, how many people responded, level of new enquiries (we always recommend following up a campaign by email and/or phone, backed by social to gain maximum results) and secondly, you don’t end up with overs on any foody bits that go out of date on you, meaning everyone gets fat eating them up!  However, that said, we know that some of our clients like to send out quotes with samples, that simply can’t be done as a campaign.  So… we recommend choosing foody gifts that will definitely be in the supermarket and available as one-offs, so you’re not tied by bulk-buying and food going out of date.

4. Choosing a shape of foody-gift
If you’re going to send out ad-hoc, and even if you’re going to run a campaign at the start, it’s always worth picking a sweet-treat that is a standard size.  For example, if you’re going to send out a cream egg it’s worth picking a really standard size, so if it’s got a designed slot in your presentation pack then it’s easy to change over to a different type of easter egg if you find you can’t get the same thing.  Certain sizes of sweetie bags come in a range of different brands and flavours, but similar size of bag, making it easy to change over (if you had to!). 

5. Keeping costs sensible
You might want to think about costs too – it’s all very well doing a campaign when you can contact the manufacturer and buy in bulk (and they are pleased to hear from you!) but if you want more for sending out later, you want to be sure that they’ve sold you a standard size that you can easily obtain in smaller quantities.

6. Selecting food suitable for the time & location you’re sending it in to
This sounds more complicated than it actually is.  It’s just about delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right people.  Merial (below) delivered a pack of microwave popcorn and fruit gums to the first 500 people who signed up for their webinar, a great example of delivering the perfect sweet-treat so appropriately.
Sweets and chocolate delivered to almost anywhere is appropriate, unless you’re trying to sell to Dentists or Hygenists, then perhaps not…!  Over to you on your target clients.

7. Buying too many
Touched on already – this is a common problem – the campaign was for 500 people but the outers on chocolate bars meant you had to order 600…  It doesn’t take anyone with too many brains to work out that there are 100 overs sitting around.  It’s well-worth planning an office party, or how else you will use them up rather than have them sitting there going out of date, or heading onto the hips of your staff, groan!

8.  Don’t use your brand confectionery
There are many promotional companies that can sell you all manner of confectionery, fudge, biscuits and other items branded with your company name. Imagine if you received a tube of BoxcoUK biscuits. You might well say “Are these OK to eat!?”, after all BoxcoUK doesn’t make biscuits, and there’s a good chance that you don’t either! (So don’t go there!)  When sending promotional biscuits or confectionery, depending on your target audience use a well-known, popular, or luxury brand. Your customers will have confidence in packaging they have seen before more than they will in your own brand product. 

The exception to this rule is if your own brand confectionery packaging has a secondary use, in which case it will be used for storing something unrelated (and your brand will be on it, rather than another).

(Almost everybody has another use for a nice box or tin for keeping things in.)

We hope you learnt something new and if you’d like to tell us about your experiences with food, good or bad, we’ll try and include your contributions to this blog post!  Stay in touch by following us on Linkedin for more.


For fun, here’s some great examples:



Fixfast – Pick ‘N’ Fix pack

Fixfast sell quality roofing fixtures…bored already? Try this Pick N’ Fix coloured screws launch pack, with a handful of sweets, for great marketing!
Providore catalogue pack
Providing exclusive hampers – This mock-leather hamper was used to launch the new season’s brochure in straw, to match the catalogue, alongside luscious Stem Ginger & Dark Chocolate fudge!

Maple Sunscreen Quotation delivery pack

Chocolate Orange and matching orange stress balls designed to demonstrate how much less stressed you’ll be when you have solar-shading!
HTS Spares catalogue pack
What could your clients need more when they come to read your catalogue or brochure, this pack came complete with biscuits, mug, notepad and pen.



Merial Webinar Snack Pack

To encourage attendance, the promotional pack was sent to the first 500 delegates to register. Microwave popcorn and fruit gums, for a night in!
Kantar World Shopper Marketing tool
The world shopper insight panel reached a 30,000 members! This simple yet very effective marketing communication was produced to share the news, along with a pile of Viscount biscuits.



Liquidline Truffle presentation pack

New Clients Welcome Pack. A luxury presentation box with ready to personalise coaster, branded coffee mug and a box of 12 Belgian truffles.




Woodhouse Workspace Drop-in pack
Inspiring dynamic workspace performance, using Woodhouse can make all the difference when it comes to taste…explained in a handy leaflet and delivered with Montezuma chocolate bar!



Want to have foody fun with your brand…?

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Re-living that wow moment when Carling delivered Lager ‘Thank You’ pack

Above: Carling for a refreshingly refined taste
The promotional desk drop was designed to launch the new brand to all team members, with a carry handle to take home, complete with two bottles and a can of Carling to enjoy.  Focusing on drink, and making an impact with your target audience… do you want them to enjoy it, share it or blog it?




Taking the Baileys brand to exhibition, the gift bags designed for two sizes of bottle were a bespoke measure with luxurious ivory gold ribbon





Jack Daniels
Designed for The Daily Telegraph newspaper who needed a branded outer pack for the promotional giveaway of a bottle of Jack Daniels Tennessee




Pilsner Urquell

Created as a presentation pack for an individual beer glass, the Pilsner Urquell pack comes complete with a wax seal of authenticity.










Johnnie Walker Red Label
A bespoke end of year promotion for top customers, this unique pack was created to have real impact with a concise message ‘with thanks’.




Julia Arenson, Head of Creative Production at VCCP says…

We worked with BoxcoUK on these Carling display boxes. They helped us with the construction of the boxes.  The boxes were done to a high standard and we were very happy with the result.


Drink and drive your marketing responsibly…

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Now’s the time to be thinking how good Mince Pies taste…

Particularly when a pack of 24 arrives in the offices of your customers, right at the start of the party season.  Add this pack to your Marketing Plan for Christmas 2016, available in quantities of 100, 200 and 400packs.  Branded all over, from Design Guides that Boxco provide, these packs have consistently caused a stir when they get unwrapped and shared round the office.  No surprises, eh?

Enquire now, in time for delivery in early December.



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