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Introducing our sister company, Kudos Giftwrap

Are you being disappointed by long delivery times?

Don’t be!

We’re happy to introduce our sister company, Kudos Giftwrap.  Kudos has a stock range of Giftwrap & accessories available for all your gift packaging needs.

It’s an out of the box solution, to deliver your gifts to clients this Christmas.

We know that long lead times at this time of year (end November) means that some companies can’t have their corporate gifts wrapped and delivered in the way in which Marketing teams have designed them.

For a lastminute.com fix, try Kudos Giftwrap who have a range of giftwrapping solutions that look great, with short leadtimes on stock ranges.



What style of box do I need?

That’s a good question.

Firstly ask yourself: Why do I want to put this product in a box, or better still why do I want to improve the presentation of my product?  Why isn’t everything served in brown bags or simply shrink-wrapped and distributed??

Is it going to do what you want it to do?  Improve your brand, sales volume, perceived value, recognition, longevity.  If it were boxed better can you charge more for it, or is your product the same as any alternatives.  Are you looking to enhance your product value, and promote your brand?

If your product is “me too”, what will the packaging add to it?  Is your product good enough to be put into a box?

We all know the products we love unpacking and, we may never have thought about it before but, it’s probably because the packaging is so nice, it’s an experience to open it…

“Boxes” vary in quality, feel, and style, and suit very different purposes.  What’s good for the iPhone, probably won’t suit a mail order Dog worming product.

At BoxcoUK we are a team of consumers and box designers and ideas people that enjoy listening and sharing ways to enhance products through presentation. And if we don’t think a box is the best option we’ll tell you why, we only make boxes to improve your business.


We only make boxes to improve your business.


Take a look at the other packaging in your market, our gallery is a great place to start and will no doubt give you many ideas.



Now you’ve decided that a box is a must, we want to talk through some ideas around your products and the styles of box that could work – please call us on 020 3011 0211.

In upcoming blogs, we will be going through various different types of box, the pros & cons of using each style, and the options for print and finishing.


Secure tags, 10 reasons why

1. For Brand Authentication

A product sold with your brand on the tag will ensure its authenticity.

2. For Brand Loyalty

The more consistent the brand and the more times that the consumer sees it, the more likely they are to recognise it again.

3. For building a brand that delivers Support & Aftercare

Products have the stamp of genuine care as customers purchase a garment or product with the tag still securely in place.

4. For Security

The tag stays in place until it reaches the consumer, if not returns are null & void.

5. For Colour

Build your branded tag in your own Pantone colour.

6. For Value-adding

The perception is that if you’ve tagged a product it’s worth more.

7. For a Voice

Using your brand voice, “Hi fans” or “Hello friends”, there’s space here to add some text that will build up the message you send to a growing client base.

8. For Quality

If your warehouse and processes have been quality assessed, this is a way of spreading the word, and increasing the return on investment on the Quality standard.

9. For Street appeal

This has to do with the colour and design of the tag, to help your product stick out.

10. For a Competitive edge

If your competition do not have a Secure tag, here’s your ultimate leg-up!  Grab the idea quick and give your brand the edgy extra.


And if you can think of an 11th reason, or want a quote, feel free to contact us!

By email business@boxcouk.com or phone 020 3011 0211


Does your brand feel good?

We believe that a quality double-faced Satin Printed Ribbon offers a fascinating finish for your brand gift packaging – whether it’s for your Exhibition giveaways, or that critical touch to get past post-opening gatekeepers.  If the bow looks good, even the nosiest won’t peek any further.  Some of images of past projects are here for your perusal.


Want to talk Ribbon, why not get in touch?  Tel 020 3011 0211



What can Branded Tags do for your Brand identity?

A tag, produced in sympathy with the brand*, can leverage lasting results from a consistent look.

Historically, a branded tag has been reserved as being only for a high-end luxury brand.  Nowadays, we see up and coming brands using tags to move their brand identity to a massive new level, as the perception of luxury still exists.

For marketing value ££, the tag is an extra, a luxury add-on, yet a subtle link with the old and established brands, and a soft approach in the Consumer goods sector, strengthening the overall brand appeal.  Consumers are always wanting an experience, the same as they’ve seen others have, and a branded tag is part of that experience, giving brands an inexpensive differentiator, in a competitive arena.

Alongside exhibiting the brand, this is an easy place to add brand building slogans, generic garment info, weblinks, social links, all encouraging repeat and add-on Sales.

(Mostly we think of tags used for branded clothing, but there’s nothing to stop the same subtle marketing being used in other industries.  How would your product look if it reached your consumer with a branded tag on?)

*We’ll help you to do this.


For fastest response, why not reach out to discuss your marketing requirements with a reliable team that really makes things happen, telephone 020 3011 0211



In this world of international travel, and multichannel marketing, decision makers are being targeted from every direction…


Nobody is far from a marketing message, a promotional email, or even an advertising text. The internet of things has become the resource for knowledge, searching new contacts and suppliers. LinkedIn has brought the commercial world closer together.

So…How do you differentiate yourself?

How do you keep your brand and products recognised?

How do you fly above your competition?

How can you win more customers like your current top customer?


The sales journey has changed, internet research has meant shorter buying cycles; customers approach with a broad knowledge of the products and the competitors before any conversation begins.  So you’ve got to stand out, you need to place your company alongside the big brands.


Welcome to BoxcoUK where we believe in creative presentation.

With creative promotions and presentation you will inspire both your customers and your sales team, it’s a passport to improved customer relationships, and better customer experiences that convert into positive social media traffic. Take a walk through the pages of our brochure and find ideas and products that will enable you to land more business next year.


We look forward to working with like-minded teams and companies that believe in the success of bespoke promotions and presentation.


















Who said work and play don’t mix?

Built for fixings, with a sweet delivery, the Pick ‘N’ Fix display box for Fixfast to launch their new range, got specifiers sucking…

Fixfast design and manufacture specialist fasteners and components for walls and roofs with Maximum reliability and Minimum fuss.

The fixings sample pack with a play on Pick ‘N’ Mix was designed to launch Fixfast’s innovative design of coloured fixings, sending a mix of coloured fixings and chews, for instantaneous impact with designers and architects specifing Fixfast.

Sample screws were inserted across the front of the sample pack, and with a thread across the back of the pack you could easily try them out, whilst sharing the sweets that lay in two compartments in the centre of the pack.  Built as a lasting reference point as a display box, with the option to close the pack and store on a shelf.

Mike Napthine, Marketing Manager at Fixfast UK says

The Pick ‘N’ Fix box made a big impact with our clients and prospective architects when it was first delivered and still gets mentioned from time to time!  BoxcoUK are easy to deal with, and  I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Elspeth Devine, Production Team Manager at BoxcoUK says

With a fun and memorable delivery,  the sample box became a display box for Showrooms, ultimately extending the life of the marketing campaign.  Also memorable is the dizzy feeling that came from inserting 5000 coloured fixings into the front panel!

Do you miss the simple fun in life that came with Pick ‘N Mix?

Agree your customers may feel this way too?  For bespoke promotional marketing and training products that help you Win more…

Call BoxcoUK on 020 3011 0211 or visit our Gallery for ideas.


Built to showcase hearing aid solutions, the Phonak presenter was a masterpiece in itself

Phonak’s mission is to reconnect it’s niche audience with the beauty of sound.
From Sky-V hearing aids in 16 colours to wireless hearing aids controlled from your phone the innovation that Phonak provides, means sufferers now lead fuller lives.

Yes – you heard right.  Thanks to modern technology and innovation, high quality standards and industry-leading expertise, Phonak is able to continuously deliver the best solution for hearing.

The presentation pack designed by BoxcoUK showcased the newest hearing solutions and had brochures, CD and mock framed certificate neatly placed inside.


Ronnie Devine, Customer Experience Manager at BoxcoUK, comments

The pack was made for the Sales team to present at the coal-face, visiting clients.  It provides something tangible for the Sales people to show and talk about as well as for the clients to engage with the brand and learn about Phonak and what they do for people with hearing difficulties.


In today’s world it’s no longer about having a great product with excellent design, delivered on time etc., people want to hear the story and experience being part of a community, buying from a great company, with a fantastic brand, and belonging to the culture that comes from owning it.


The presentation case designed for Phonak is tangible and a great way to demonstrate a living brand that engenders a vibrant community of previously impaired people whose lives have been changed, all thanks to Phonaks unique hearing pieces, “Life is on”.


Do you have difficulty in making yourself heard?

For bespoke promotional marketing and training products that help you Win more…
Call BoxcoUK on 020 3011 0211 or visit our Gallery for ideas


24 Mince Pie display pack with your Company Branding on!

Big on taste, small on budget…  The Mince Pie Office Pack (24 tasty, freshly-baked Mince pies, individually wrapped in a display box, with your company branding on, ready for delivery) Win more…Great results promised!

This the ultimate office share.  This branded promotional item is designed to be quickly shared, leaving a great taste at the end of 2015.  Even clients with strict gift policies won’t resist this small gesture of thanks in the festive season, “It’s only a mince pie”!

  • Entire office celebration when they arrive!
  • Generous incentive for the whole office to share
  • All time favourite, tasty fresh baked mince pies
  • Second use, display box with your Company branding on
  • Ultimate brand space, all over the box
  • Leave a great taste in your customers mouth at the end of 2015!

Cut off for orders Friday 23rd October.
Agreement on artwork by Friday 6th November.
Order now for delivery in early December.


Testimonials to the Mince Pie Office Pack!

“Yes thank you very much – they are delicious! The second layer has now also gone – Please send our compliments to the chef!  We wish you much joy and happiness for the coming weeks.”

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for the box of mince pies I just received. They have been shared with my colleagues both in project management and in our studio, so the name has been spread far and wide.”

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the amazing box of mince pies. They taste great.  Thanks very much for sending.”

To discuss the Mince Pie Office Pack further please contact our Sales Team on 020 3011 0211.


Great to see our product getting onto the shelf!


Well spotted Adrian

On sale at John Lewis, in Oxford Street

Creative packaging for Liquor, designed to last the journey.

Whilst there might be other teams out there that have bulk packaging, in stock, on the shelf, we don’t.

At BoxcoUK, we think the first time packaging should be ‘off the shelf’ is when you reach for it in the shop.  That’s why we design and build packaging in sympathy with your brand.

We worked with Signet Seals on this packaging, visit signetseals.com to name, seal and build the brand.

Perhaps we can help you to get your products “off the shelf”?

Win more…Contact the team on 020 3011 0211, or send us a message Contact us


Bloom Gin packaging


Enthusiasm, Passion and Flooring

Duraflor have a stand at CDW 2015…  and a brand new showroom at 47 Gee Street, London. (This bit’s staying!)

The Design Hub Clerkenwell Showroom opened this week, on Tuesday, and has been “very well received”, just along the road from the CDW festival (Clerkenwell Design Week)!

With designs from Metalicon, Formetiq, Creatif, V-Tec and Supawood ranges, the showroom at 47 Gee Street promises to be full of design, inspiration and practicality.


BoxcoUK produced the carpet samples on backing cards (pictured below) and delivered to site… in the nick of time.  Craig – they look great.



Cardboard daisies to decorate your stores or event stand

Get an idea, they’re out there like butterflies…or daisies!


For original ideas on store decoration, call us on Tel 020 3011 0211

Win more…Great results promised!

The marketing stunt for Easter.  This branded promotional item is designed to be disruptive, and get the whole office eating Easter Eggs and discussing the great company that sent them!  Even clients with strict gift policies won’t be able to resist.

Entire office celebration when they arrive!

Generous gift with your company name on

Iconic Chocolate Easter Eggs

Ultimate brand space, all over the box

Celebrate Easter ’15 in style

10 Easter Eggs + space for A5 literature or samples = Generous gift for the whole office to share + Display box with your Company Branding on.


Want a different Easter Egg in the pack?
No problem! These are charged at cost (subject to UK availability), so nearer to time of packing, it may be possible to source a different Easter egg with a minor cost implication. Please confirm your preference when ordering.


To find out more email business@boxcouk.com
Individually addressed despatch available, please enquire


Bespoke and Built to last

Delivered flat or fully made up – You decide…To discuss your requirements and arrange for a prototype, simply contact us on 020 3011 0211

Studio time will be charged at current rates.


Email business@boxcouk.com


Make it Bespoke!

Plain coloured with one colour print, white on white, or Full colour printed Tissue Paper adds real value to your product, setting your brand above and ahead with impeccable presentation that never fails to impress.


To discuss your requirements, please call us on 020 3011 0211

Low minimum order quantities