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A peak at the PEK

The PEK is an ingenious presentation pack created from card folded around a foam centre. Very quick and easy to produce and very effective and modern in impact.  An entry level presentation pack, with custom cut foam inlay, tuck in lock, and all-round branded card wrap.

Welcome New Club members, or to make new staff welcome.

An unforgettable presentation for house builders and property developers.

Good for events, and financial companies.


Are you unlocking the potential with a bespoke and branded Welcome pack?

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The Sweetie Cubes that tickle taste buds

You can’t beat sweet-treats for a branded giveaway, and the Sweetie Cube is no exception.

A quirky invention for maximising your marketing, these Sweetie Cubes appeal to kids & adults alike.  The box relaxes to become like a tray when the lid is taken off, with all over space for branding.


The box becomes a tray when the lid is taken off

Boxes supplied made up and sweet wrappers can be brand-matched.


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From an exhibition last month…

Ronnie & Elspeth visited All4pack Paris exhibition last month, and found a bunch of new creations for our clients.  We hope you enjoy them too.

A new round box packaging from as few as 1000, available in a range of sizes, colours and branding.  Option to include clear windows and castellated tops.

Perfect retail packaging for gifts, candles, and other items.


A Kraft brown disposable rucksack – you could call it a solution looking for a problem!  With MOQs in the region of 3000, and produced from part recycled material this could make heads turn at a University or student event.

If you know of any brown paper backpackers send them this way! – Not suitable for liquids!


A stand made entirely from pallets, with a table and chairs built in!

There’s more to do with pallets than just creating kindling wood… If you ever wondered what you could do with old pallets, see the link below:

15 Creative uses for Wood Pallets https://www.simplemost.com/15-creative-uses-wood-pallets/


Making a box that feels like a piece of furniture…

Paper over board has been superseded by paper over MDF.  This makes a very rigid box with more weight and very smooth corners.  Unfortunately these are not produced yet in the UK so lead time will be extended for development and production, but this creates a box that feels like a piece of furniture.  They can be made to size and branded as required. MOQ 1000 pieces.



Whoever thought of incorporating the bag handles into the design for this upmarket Optician?  Very creative on the High street, to make shoppers look twice.



Helpful tip on visiting exhibitions

Take pictures of the stands that you found interesting.  Then on return to the office, store the pictures, and when you want to go back to the suppliers, just run through the files, and it all comes back to mind.  Then simply Google the Company details.  So if you’re wondering what to do with that bag of brochures under your desk from the last exhibition – recycle them!

Ronnie Devine




Does your brand feel good?

We believe that a quality double-faced Satin Printed Ribbon offers a fascinating finish for your brand gift packaging – whether it’s for your Exhibition giveaways, or that critical touch to get past post-opening gatekeepers.  If the bow looks good, even the nosiest won’t peek any further.  Some of images of past projects are here for your perusal.


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What can Branded Tags do for your Brand identity?

A tag, produced in sympathy with the brand*, can leverage lasting results from a consistent look.

Historically, a branded tag has been reserved as being only for a high-end luxury brand.  Nowadays, we see up and coming brands using tags to move their brand identity to a massive new level, as the perception of luxury still exists.

For marketing value ££, the tag is an extra, a luxury add-on, yet a subtle link with the old and established brands, and a soft approach in the Consumer goods sector, strengthening the overall brand appeal.  Consumers are always wanting an experience, the same as they’ve seen others have, and a branded tag is part of that experience, giving brands an inexpensive differentiator, in a competitive arena.

Alongside exhibiting the brand, this is an easy place to add brand building slogans, generic garment info, weblinks, social links, all encouraging repeat and add-on Sales.

(Mostly we think of tags used for branded clothing, but there’s nothing to stop the same subtle marketing being used in other industries.  How would your product look if it reached your consumer with a branded tag on?)

*We’ll help you to do this.


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Could your presentation packaging have been easier to come by?

We’re helping to deliver Special Customer experiences; why not reach out for help in 2018.  If there was something that could have made life easier in 2017, what was it?  Storage, manufacture, delivery, style…

For over 30 years we have worked along with our clients to produce an extensive range of successful promotional campaigns, and creative presentation products, that help our clients to build enduring brand loyalty and lifelong customers.  Our customer focused, and friendly approach has become trusted by leading global brands and agencies, and we look forward to working with you and your colleagues again in 2018.

Recap on the highlights of 2017:




Help prospects connect with your brand

In your market, who’s creating an experience that you only dream of.

What are they doing well?  What is their brand doing for your key prospects, that your brand doesn’t do (yet)?  We help brands to Win more by building presentation material that elevates the brand, whether we’re building Sample Presentation, Retail presentation, or launching your brand at a key event.  (It’s all about where your brand is going next.)

What we offer to ensure you Win more…

  • Sample Presentation Packaging
  • Unique Product Packaging for High End Luxury Products
  • Point of Sale & Display, Bespoke Solutions
  • Retail Presentation Materials for Instore & Online
  • Bespoke Promotional Products: New Client Welcome Packs
  • Onboard packs, on-brand, perfect PR for HR
  • Innovative Disruptive Marketing Communications
  • Complete Fulfilment in-house with Account Manager to oversee
  • Storage and despatch facility
  • Custom-made Stationery Products including Presentation Binders



In this world of international travel, and multichannel marketing, decision makers are being targeted from every direction…


Nobody is far from a marketing message, a promotional email, or even an advertising text. The internet of things has become the resource for knowledge, searching new contacts and suppliers. LinkedIn has brought the commercial world closer together.

So…How do you differentiate yourself?

How do you keep your brand and products recognised?

How do you fly above your competition?

How can you win more customers like your current top customer?


The sales journey has changed, internet research has meant shorter buying cycles; customers approach with a broad knowledge of the products and the competitors before any conversation begins.  So you’ve got to stand out, you need to place your company alongside the big brands.


Welcome to BoxcoUK where we believe in creative presentation.

With creative promotions and presentation you will inspire both your customers and your sales team, it’s a passport to improved customer relationships, and better customer experiences that convert into positive social media traffic. Take a walk through the pages of our brochure and find ideas and products that will enable you to land more business next year.


We look forward to working with like-minded teams and companies that believe in the success of bespoke promotions and presentation.


















UK Truck Tour Sweet box for Festool with brand matching wrappers

The all-over branded sweet box was used when Festool needed a giveaway for prospectives attending their UK Truck Tour.  Marketing Executive, Naomi Collett comments that the pack was different from sweet bags they already used, and had a premium feel – perfectly aligned to their passion for power and quality.

Festool’s passion for power tools has been in existence for more than 90 years, and today they share this fascination with users and fans.

The high-quality brand of Festool power tools embraces new generation technology to make life easier for professional tradespeople – helping to achieve perfect results faster.


Naomi Collett, Marketing at Festool says

The sweet box was used primarily as a giveaway to people attending our UK Truck Tour.  We already had standard sweet bags, so we liked that it was a little different, and had a premium feel.  BoxcoUK was great to deal with, a hassle-free process, with clear communications.


Ronnie Devine, Customer Experience Manager at BoxcoUK says

We selected the green and black sweet wrappers to suit Festool’s brand colours, a detail that we feel strengthened their brand identity, whilst delivering a box with maximum space for branding.


Do you lack power and innovation, to gain sales from your marketing?

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Intentionally slim, making a big impression, as it delivers a welcome message (with key, card, pen or USB information)…

An ingenious presentation pack created from card folded around a foam centre. Very effective and modern in impact…The PEK620 Thank You (shown above) delivers a warm welcoming message with the key to a new home-owner, presented alongside a branded key ring & pen.

‘Everything you need is explained here’… ‘Welcome to’… ‘We hope you enjoy your stay’… ‘This is what your membership covers’… The PEK pack has numerous uses giving brands the scope to deliver a direct message to the right people, at the right time, in the right way.


Jeannette Jones, comments from the Marketing Team at BoxcoUK

“The PEK is designed to be given out by hand and can be used at Exhibition (as a give away), or in a Showroom setting (with additional information), as well as behind the desk when you get new customers signing up for e.g. Gym Membership.

You can post them but they would need clear seals over the sides, or a ‘rip-off’ strip and if it was potentially secure information there would have to be some mechanism for the recipient to activate (e.g. the card) when they received it. All things are possible with the PEK. There are many situations where it performs outstandingly.”


Looking to deliver a slim simple message?  For bespoke promotional marketing and training products that help you Win more…
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VW Finance Calculator Soft Set Virgin Soft Set HSBC


Pictures from the day

We were at CDX16 on Tuesday this week exhibiting our personalised vehicle handover packs to Car dealership groups.  The packs can be personalised online for the new car owner, really neat and a great way to cause a stir on handover making for long-term connection between the car dealership and the new car owner.  The success on handover brings reward to the dealership of good customer feedback, repeat business and referrals for future business.


Some pictures from the day…

1 3  5

Signet Seals take display pack to Innovation Day

Signet Seals were out to cause a stir at an Innovation Event Day in London when they contacted BoxcoUK to create a great presentation for their samples.

The Innovation Day was being held in London, and the purpose of the event was to bring new ideas to all of their marketing, design and procurement teams.  Signet needed something to hand out, a personalised gift, alongside samples, and something that would give everyone a reason to remember them.


Bespoke printed ribbon handles and Signet’s very own seal

Signet detail 1









Business card holder cut-out in the lid and inlay designed around gifts & samples

Signet detail 2









Roy Lyon, Signet, says

Working with BoxcoUK our Marketing team put together the contents for this sample presentation pack which was for what we call an ‘Innovation Day’ held in the Head Offices of one of our largest clients to bring new ideas to all of their marketing, design and procurement staff as well as their associated Design Agencies and Preferred Suppliers of Presentation Packaging.
We wanted to hand out a personalised gift and sample pack that would give everyone something to remember us for and I would say we definitely achieved this, with a pack that contributed greatly towards a really successful event.  Thanks again.


Ronnie Devine, BoxcoUK, says

The ribbon handles lend that elite and charming look, luxurously soft and easy to carry – they don’t cut into your wrist like some bags do.  Possibly best seen balanced alongside a Champagne glass in the same hand!  Ultimately the pack was designed to look “rich” and, working with Signet, I think we achieved this.


Drinks on the house…(Head over for your next exhibition pack)

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Enthusiasm, Passion and Flooring

Duraflor have a stand at CDW 2015…  and a brand new showroom at 47 Gee Street, London. (This bit’s staying!)

The Design Hub Clerkenwell Showroom opened this week, on Tuesday, and has been “very well received”, just along the road from the CDW festival (Clerkenwell Design Week)!

With designs from Metalicon, Formetiq, Creatif, V-Tec and Supawood ranges, the showroom at 47 Gee Street promises to be full of design, inspiration and practicality.


BoxcoUK produced the carpet samples on backing cards (pictured below) and delivered to site… in the nick of time.  Craig – they look great.


Thanks for choosing to fly with us

This Marketing Week live we launched our Welcome Packs for New Clients, New Sponsors, New Members, New Students, New business…  For those of you who visited the show, it was good to meet you.


To contact a member of the team, simply use the email addresses that came out on the book mark, with the new catalogue.



Join us at Marketing Week Live…Olympia London

Why Because this is Where Presentation Takes off – Visit Stand MF25 for BoxcoUK and Client Welcome Packs.  Elsewhere there’s networking sessions, Marketers Unite. Keep up to date, stay ahead of the competition, meet the experts.

What Marketing Week Live – Not long now – Register by Tuesday 28th, 5:30pm, click here

Where Olympia London, Hammersmith Rd, London W14 8UX – Stand MF25 on First Floor

When Wednesday 29th April, 9:30am-5:30pm & Thursday 30th April 9:30am-5pm

How By bus, Hammersmith Road: 9, 10, 27, 28; Holland Road: 49; North End Road: 391. By tube, It’s a short walk from Barons Court on the Piccadilly Line.By train, Mainline trains from Watford Junction and Clapham Junction and Overground trains from Shephards Bush to Kensington Olympia.